Asking to go out to potty


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Hi there,
Has anyone got any hints as to how I can teach my jack russell to ask to go out to potty. At the moment she just goes and sits at the back door and waits(and sometimes can't wait!). My previous dogs had no problem with this and just did it naturally and I'm really struggling for ideas. Thanks.


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I have bells hanging on the back door. When Bender was a puppy, I'd ring them before we went outside. Eventually, he started ringing them himself when he wanted out. You could also teach your jack russell to ring the bells (super easy if she knows how to target) and quickly use the premack principle for a reward. (She rings the bells, you let her outside.) Hope that helps!


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how old is your dog? But really, some dogs never learn to tell you they have to go out. Those dogs don't have accidents if they are potty trained, they jsut learn to hold it. My 2yr old corgi hasn't had an accident since a pup but he never tells me to let him outside. We use a regular schedule or go out whenever the younger dog tells me (by sitting by the door).

If your dog is having accidents, then she's not potty trained. it's up to you to watch your dog 100% of the time until she is. If she is going to the back of the door then you really do have a signal that she tells you. If you respond to it everytime and as you prevent her from peeing inside, she will learn to sit there and wait.

You can try the bells, but most people find it very annoying. A lot of dogs learn to ring the bells whenever she wants to visit outside, not just just pee. But some dogs do very well.