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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by ozibe, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. ozibe Experienced Member

    If anyone would like pictures of their dogs drawn in either Pastel, Pencil or Ink Dot you can contact me through the forum here, or (i think) send message.

    All art work measures around 54cm x 56cm depending on the picture, it may be a fraction smaller or fraction larger. All work is finished by mounting (that is the coloured card that is placed around the finished picture) ready for you to frame.

    Prices are in Australian Dollars and a head drawing is $350.00, a full body picture is $400.00. This price includes the cost of the Mounting. Prices are the same for pencil or pastel. Ink Dot is $400.00 for head picture only because it takes sooooooo much longer to do and the degree of difficulty is high. Easiest method of payment is via direct deposit. Before each picture is freighted off a photo of the finished product will be sent to you. If you are not happy with the picture then no payment, but then nor do you get the picture. Payment can be made once you are happy with the picture.

    Postage and Packaging is extra and will be different prices depending on where you are in the world. Packaging will be done professionally and safely so your art arrives in one piece.

    I need a clear close up photo of your dog's head. It is best to focus on the eye when taking a snap as then your dogs nose doesn't become the main feature in the picture. If you want a picture of your dog with a toy in his mouth or anything else - no problems just include it in the picture you take of your dog if they will hold the object. A full body picture again just needs to be clear, it can be an action shot, or just lazing around on the floor, bed, your bed etc. Try to get the dog to fill the frame of the photo. It would be adviseable to ensure you take a copy of the photo you send as the photo won't be returned as I draw all over it as well.

    You can have more then one dog in the picture, again the photo needs to be clear and close up.

    A Pastel picture, the Pencil picture and the Ink Dot. It is a little hard to see the Ink Dot work and I do apologise.

    (amendment: have just tried to include the photos of the artwork with this thread but am unable to do so. I have put the photos of the 4 pieces of art work in the photos gallery.)

  2. ozibe Experienced Member

    The drawings are titled FINISHED PENCIL OF OBEE, done in pencil dated 20/07/2009. PASTEL DRAWING dated 22/06/2009, and WOLVES dated 13/07/2009 all posted by OZIBE. Hope that helps to find them folks.
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    I'm curious, what is ink dot? How does it differ from normal pastel? Will the drawing last a long time? Will it fade? What if water gets spilled on it?

    Thanks for answering my many questions. :dogsmile:
  4. ozibe Experienced Member

    ink dot

    ink dot art is a drawing made up of entirely little dots in ink, of varying thicknesses, i guess it is like imagining a picture of pixels. You don't get us much detail, but more a hint of what the fur is like etc. It is time consuming as unlike normal drawing where everything is done in broad strokes and lines it is one tiny single dot at a time.

    Do you think the prices are too steep? I really wasn't too sure of prices. Perhaps others could comment on what they think would be a fair price.

    All art if it got wet would not look very good. Ink would run, pastel I'm really not sure about, and pencil would stay roughly the same but not look as good.

    As for your dogs, I'd be more then willing to do them for you for free as you have allowed me to put this on the website. The more pics people see the better!!!! If you were happy with them what better recommendation could I get!

    Again, the length a drawing lasts depends on whether you have put glass over the picture when getting them framed and whether you have the drawing in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will fade any art and discolour the original colours and the turn the paper slightly yellow. Any art is best out of direct sunlight
  5. Jean Cote Administrator

    Sorry I haven't replied sooner, I have been quite busy over here. I think you should charge whatever amount of money you think is right for the drawings. They obviously require lots of time and dedication on your part.

    I would be honored for you to draw my dogs, but I wouldn't feel comfortable doing so without compensating you in some way. Maybe we could talk more about this in private. :)
  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    What a gift you have, Ozibe!! Wowwww. Must be so nice to have such talent!! wowwww.
  7. posie New Member

    Wow those r great!!!!! U have a real talent

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