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I'm teaching Kai how to go around objects, but she hasn't caught the concept, and she's getting confused. I'm running out of ideas on how to shape that. Kai's confusion causes her to mouth my arms or any clothing near her. It resulted to my arm being extremely sore and my pant legs having several holes in them. Any one have some tips for the "around" command and/or mouthing when she gets confused?

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i really like to free shape it, but if she's having a hard time you can also use some targeting. First teach Kai to touch/follow a stick/pole/wooden spoon/etc and then use that to guide her around the object. Or if she knows how to target a butter lid, you can put the lid closer and closer to the backside of the object and then move so she comes back to you (and around the object) to get her treat.

As for the biting, I pretty much just ignore it completely, maybe even stand up and turn your back on her. Kind've similar to what I would do if a pup nipped at me during play, but I don't redirect to another object. When Vito was a young pup he would bark at me when he got frustrated during shaping sessions. Each time he barked I turned around, waited until he was quiet and then tried again. He soon learned that barking didn't work. I would also consider looking at your rate of reinforcement. IF Kai is getting frustrated a lot, you are probably going to fast so she isn't getting a lot of rewards.


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I think that it's a lot easier to teach this with luring. especially if you are doing it for agility, as you will use hand signals for that.