Are You Shy Trick

skye lark

I taught Skye ( the collie) this trick a few months ago and it is now her "go to" favourite when she's not sure what is expected of her. It took maybe 2 hours to learn over a couple of days. Jazzmine (jack russell) on the other hand never seemed to get past the tape on nose stage & only did the move with tape in place so I left it for a couple of months. Then I got an email from Jean Cote last week demonstrating this trick and I decided to give it another try, it took about 4 sessions of about 10 mins but this time she's got it! I'm really happy and now have 2 very cute pooches, just shows not to give up on something :)


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That's great! That is true, never give up, most of the time they will get it if you keep trying (although it can be good to stop if it's really frustrating them, or at least take a break from it).
That's the same way Chloe is, I tried teaching her "shy" about 3 months ago, and eventually stopped working on it with her because she just couldn't figure it out. Then, just recently, we were doing "free time" (which is just me letting Chloe offer behaviors and try to think for herself, and sometimes she offers things I want to turn into tricks) and she offered "shy", almost perfectly. She then got many treats and many praises. :) Now she knows "shy", and I didn't even do anything to help her, she just figured it out herself when I stopped working with her on it.