Are There Really "indestructable" Dog Toys Out There?


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Yes guys...IM BACK (y)
So...Dazzle seems to be able to even destroy Kongs, and all of the so called "indestructible" toys haha. So I was wondering...
HOW indestructable, IS indestructible. O_o
Rim tug with rope

Dent-a-Chew Fishbones Spiral Ball 4
Hi Karlee. One thing to remember is to pick the correct size toy for your dog. Large dogs require large toys. Large toys means more rubber. Also, solid rubber toys are more durable than their hollow counterparts. will soon import the most durable dog toys from into the United States. Sum-Plast has been manufacturing pet products since 1974. If you contact Essenti directly, they will help you pick the right toy for your pooch and sell it to you directly. All of SumPlast toys are eco-friendly. They are made of thermoplastic which makes them float in water. The scent is nothing like any other toy. You or your doggie will NEVER smell the rubber because it is not made of natural rubber :) Tell the owner, Sebastian that Derek sent you. Thank you.



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Three of my six dogs are VERY destructive and managed to destroy an entire box of toys within about 2hrs. So we have switched to having Busy Buddy Squirrels, Kong Extremes, Kong Wobblers and very large thick rope tuggy toys. All of which are still alive and in tact nearly a year later.

Here is the link for the Busy Buddy Squirrels -

Dogs should have a variety of different textured toys available at all times, chewing is self-soothing and is something that dogs like to do when excited, anxious, tired, playful etc so having a large variety of toys is great for your dog.