Any Suggestions?


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// (if I even walked around a corner and out of sight she'd start screaming and tremoring).//


wonder if this might help:(?)



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//The other thing I was wondering if I could use it on, is her nipping.//

Like all the other videos -----this one is only about FIVE MINUTES LONG:



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//And when she gets TOO excited.. She nips peoples ears, hands and chins. I have tried every method I can think of to get her to stop-//

like we've discussed on your other threads,
i really think Lego needs more exercise,
two daily walks, long ones, a chance to run full speed once a day,
some vigorous play sessions several times a day,
and some tricks training to satisfy her mind.

It *sounds like* Lego is a high-energy dog,
and from things you have written in other threads,
my guess is, Lego is boiling over:mad: with unspent energy.

Many high-energy dogs DO this when they are not exercised enough.(get a lil nutty)
You can keep treating the symptoms, OR,---------- just for two weeks,
two weeks, just try this:
on every day-------give Lego two long walks, + several vigorous play sessions, + a chance to run every day, and a few short tricks training lessons per day.

after two weeks of this, step back, and re-evaluate how Lego acts NOW. It's worth a try. I could be wrong, but, it's worth a try.


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RE; the boyfriend, has the bf ever ever given Lego a reward for doing a cue?
*MIght* be worth a try.

then he can begin to fade the treats, after Lego has learned to respond to other ppl. This is not freakishly unusual in a young dog, btw. Dogs don't always generalize well, takes them a lil while to learn how to do that. Having others reward Lego for listening to them, might help.

there's an old joke, goes something like,
"If you ever feel too important, try telling someone else's dog what to do.":ROFLMAO: