Another poodle mama


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Hi, I learned about this from another member (Hi, Jillian!) and thought I'd try it out. I have an almost 4-year-old standard poodle girl named Brenna. I began training her in a pet manners class at age 10 months. She learned so fast! I wanted to do more with her, so we wound up in a tricks class, freestyle workshop, agility class, rally and obedience classes, and CGC prep. We've also taken a basic clicker class. At this point we're both sort of "trained out" but getting ready to play around with more after a year of languishing. She has earned her CGC and RN, but we haven't gone farther with competition. She does lovely fronts and finishes, and on leash heeling, and off leash heeling when I'm carrying (food!) but without the food she can lose focus.

I have tested her successfully through level two of Sue Ailsby's levels and my next step is level three. This sounds very complementary and we like tricks!



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Hi Ellen - glad to see you over here! Definitely check-out the monthly challenges, Brenna would be great at these :)



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Hello Ellen:

It's nice to have you with us. I'm Hivin and Bailey is my 4 yr old Cocker Spaniel. It looks like you've done quite a bit of training all ready, that's wonderful and we're looking forward to seeing you in the forums and sharing information and stories about our beloved companions. Take care: Hivin