Another freestyle competition (video)


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So, we went to Langenwand (Austria) on the 31st of January. It was a 3 hours long journey to the city from Budapest, but I really enjoyed it, as I went with 3 friends of mine, with their dogs (they competed too). So 4 crazy women locked in the same car with their 4 crazy dogs, I think you can imagine how funny it was... :LOL:

It was a Lucky Dip competition, which means that you pick a number, and that number is related to a music and a kind of an object (that you will have to use for your routine). I got a song from The Beatles (lucky me), with a rope (and silly me that I didn't teach Pami to jump rope... :D).

So here's the video:

What I'm the most proud about is that we can now do a whole routine without food in my hands, or without any rewards. Of course she got a huuuge reward after the routine. :D

We came in first again, this was our third competition.

It was really good, well organized, I can only say good things about it. :)
I'm sure we will be there in march (official competition), and next year too. :)

Hope you like it, enjoy! :)


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I guess now jump rope will be in your repertoire. :dogwink: What an interesting competition. They don't really do impromptu things like that here in the states (at least near me), I wish they did. As always I'm impressed by the no treats in the hands and the complex things you've mastered with Pami.

Road trips with dogs AND crazy women. What could be more fun!! :dogbiggrin:


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Lol looks like you two had fun. Congrats on the win! Pami's so cute. You've done a great job with her thusfar. Keep it up! :)


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I've never been brave enough to do a lucky dip.

That was really good, especially having to make it up on the spot.


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Thank you! :)

Well, I find Lucky Dips a lot more easy than official competitions, as I can improvise a lot better than do a previously choreographed routine. And I'm always afraid that something won't turn out as I planned (when I have a routine).
But we have one hour to prepare for the routine, and that's almost more than enough for me to learn the music. :D


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Hey Congratulations
that was brilliant great to see Pami enjoying herself with the wagging tail the whole time. The lucky dip would make it interesting though.