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    Trigger is a black lab-huskey mix. She is adorable, and I'd hate to not hug her. She is 7 in dog years, and we got her around August 2012. Sadly, she is just too crazy for us. Her last owner never took her for walks, and rough-housed a lot. We are trying to teach her to walk properly on a leash, and not to fight with us.

    We tried Alpha training for us, but the idea faded as she got worse. (AKA the point where you keep being Alpha.) Thank goodness I found this site! Trigger is just so immature, and she is too much of a handful.

    I love anime, as said in my name. I've watched many shows, and I love to read and write stories. I enjoy being with my friends, and I like the ocean; and when you breathe a crisp breath of air in autumn.
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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    Erase everything about Alpha training in your head. Instead fill it with positive training. Here are some great videos on loose leash walking. How long are you walking her? How often a day do you play with her and how long? You might want to buy a clicker you can get them for $1 they make training a lot easier. Here is a thread on it

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    Could you please just post the Youtube links instead of the videos? I would love to email this to my Mom. Thanks!
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  4. Adrianna & Calvin Experienced Member

    Hi Animelover12

    Welcome. You're going to have much more success with reward-based training.

    If you go to the top of the video and click on 'share' , the link pops up for you.

    Can you give us your city/state? Maybe someone knows of a trainer in your area using positive methods. Going to a class, or getting in-home lessons might be very beneficial since you're having trouble with her at the moment.
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  5. southerngirl Honored Member

    I don't think I can get just post the link every time I do the video shows up. Type in Kikopup loose leash walking on youtube and you'll find the videos.
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    Alpha thinking is old school, erase that immediately, as it will definitely make things worse for you. The vids will help you so much. Plus check out the puppy training threads, even though Trigger isn't a puppy, there's so much really good information and advice on training and it sounds like you've got to start with the basics, as you say she's so immature.

    Get a clicker too that's the best piece of training equipment you can buy and the cheapest!

    Don't give up on Trigger. She's never been trained, now she's in a new home, so it will take time, TONS of patience and TONS AND TONS of LOVE.
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