And Yet Another Great Article/blog From My Fb Friends.


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Earlier I removed messages I had written, because otherwise people would know in advance that it was Ceasar, but since you can´t see the replies unless you scroll down, I´ll post them again.

When I read the first two paragraphes, I knew that the tension was rising and the dog was going to snap, I also had the idea that I was reading a story of a dog that was abused or something (since it seemed that the only reason why the person was doing this, was to frighten the dog and turn her in the position in which she saw no other option than the bite).
But when I read that the person was talking to 'dog owner' I just knew it was CM.
Also it is just irony that seconds before Holly bites Ceasar describes her as calm, quite a dog expert... Even a none dog owner would have seen it known that Holly was going to bite and yet he says that he didn't see it coming...
Great that you posted this Sara. It will show pro-CM people a whole other view of him, since his identity stays unknown untill the situation is fully described.


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I didn't watch the clip til I had finished reading the article, but the whole time I was reading, I kept thinking ... sounds like something CM would do. A & C, your language is much nicer than mine. He's ignorant, and sadly wishes to remain that way, and the dogs suffer. And sadder yet, are his fans who worship him. He obviously knows nothing of dog body language - only of dominance and submission. I'd have bitten him too! He was SCARY looking!! He deserved what he got, and I don't often say that, as I don't like to see people bitten, and clearly never want dogs driven to feel they must. Just a whole sad situation, all the way around.


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In the beginning of that clip... there is a green box that says "Do not attempt the techniques you are about to see without consulting a professional." I'd like to suggest an edit... Do not attempt the techniques you are about to see. without consulting a REAL professional. :) Poor labby girl. I have such a soft spot for labbies :( Whoever can turn a lab's temperament into something bad is an idiot (be it a careless breeder, or a jerk who mistreated them). Why did he "not see that coming"???? Come on... I'm no expert... but I don't even grab my loving, calm lab over the muzzle like that... NEVER would I tick off somebody else's dog like that (so, okay, we could end that sentence right there, but for the sake of it I'll add-->), and then have the audacity to try to put my hand over the dog's muzzle. Mylanta!! What else could he have possibly seen coming?? You know how there are people in the world who aim to make everyone else look bad in attempt to make themselves look like perfect saints?? Yeah, I've not really ever paid attention to this guy (no cable here!), but judging by this, I'm getting the impression that he's out to bring out the worst in a dog so that when they've been "rehabilitated" he can catch it on film and say it was all due to his great techniques.
Grr... sorry. I should probably mind the whole "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" rule, seeing as how I don't even know anything about the guy... but that clip just made my blood pressure sky rocket... and then worse that afterwards everyone was overly concerned about the guy who PROVOKED the dog to bite him, rather than anybody caring about calming the poor dog who'd just been pushed to her limits. :mad:


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What an idiot!!!!!:mad: I was also thinking, while reading the beginning of the article "Sounds like someting Cesar Millan would do" . It's just sad, watching him overpower the poor dog like that. He should not just take the food away from the dog in such a quick motion. He looked so frightening, in that position, even I was terrified watching him. :confused: I feel so sorry for the lab, even after she went to the extreme, and bit him, he still wouldn't back down, and continued to intimidate her.:confused::mad:

I like the comments more on this article. There are more good comments, and they beat up the bad comments.:)


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I read the article first and did suspect it may just be CM. I am horrified, every vid I see of this man is worse than the last! Even before the vid started to play, his expression and stance was enough to make me want to bite (or worse) him. He knows NOTHING about dogs, their body language is totally foreign to him. And I agree, how can the people feel sorry for him, and leave poor Holly standing there alone, distraught and apparently now a really 'bad dog'.

I too am not generally vindictive but he got what he deserved. It's just a pity that it's Holly who will appear the one at fault and not CM. That man should be jailed, not held as a 'hero' to dogs.

When are people going to wake up and realize this man is NOT a dog whisperer or even a person who has some understanding of dogs.


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Poor Holly. If a stranger came up and tried to take my food away, I would feel like taking a stab at his hand with a fork too. He just pushed and pushed until the inevitable happened. Poor girl. She was so afraid and just didn't understand. I don't blame her.

I knew it had to be CM. I watched his shows when he first came out and recognize his style.


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What a horrible, disgusting man! Alfie has food guarding issues but NEVER, not in a million years of it anybody offered me a million pounds, would I do that to him. How on earth can anybody believe that's going to help the dog get over whatever's caused the problem in the first place. Sickening that this kind of 'training' still goes on.