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    Scott Johnson
    [IMG] [IMG]johnson

    DESCRIPTION American Bulldogs are powerful, athletic dogs, their size ranges from medium to large.They are well balanced dogs as in their body build, any exaggerated features would reduce their ability to work. Some have been said to be able to leap up to six or more feet into the air. Commonly Males are stockier than females. .A variety of ear types are acceptable including cropped, rose, half-pricked and forward flap. Uncropped ears are preferred in the American Bulldog Breeders Association standard. Eyes can come in any color. Black eye rims are preferred on white dogs. Pink eye rims are considered a fault according to the written standard. The nose is black, red, brown or grizzle; black is the preferred color according to the standard. In black-nosed dogs, the preferred lip color is black, though some pink is permitted.

    Their names come from their original breeders who started off bringing the American. Bulldog back worked together. But because of their difference in opinion on how the American Bulldog should look they separated. The Johnson is stockier, has shorter legs and muzzle, under bite and slightly bowed legs. They were designed to look what the Origanal Bulldog did. Scott is more athletic and agile taller, taller and muzzle, scissor bite, strong front legs.
    Personality and temperament. They are a gentle breed who are known to love children. But just like any other dog they should NEVER be left alone with a child no matter how well behaved they are. They are brave and protective.
    Life Span 10-16 years generally speaking they are a healthy breed. Some health problems are skin allergies, ear infections, ACL tears, Hip dysplasia, cherry eye.
    Height weight. Height: Males 22 - 28 inches (55 - 70 cm) Females 20 - 26 inches (52 - 65 cm)
    Weight: Males 70 - 120 pounds (32 - 54 kg) Females 60 - 100 pounds (27 – 45 kg)
    Exercise. American Bulldogs are very energetic dogs and require a lot of exercise. Most American Bulldogs love to go on walks, jogging, biking or skateboarding with their owner. They also enjoy fetching, frisbee, swimming.
    If you are considering this breed of dog please do your research. They require a lot of exercise and are not for everyone.
    If I made any mistakes or you have anything to add feel free to.

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    So are there 3 varieties: Scott, Johnson and Scott Johnson, or just 2?
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    Sorry about that every time I separated it the dang words went back together.:rolleyes: So there are two types Scott and Johnson.
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    No worries! I only asked because the ears of the first one look different from the other two. They are seriously handsome dogs. I saw a man with puppies in the back of a truck last Sunday at our local flea market. I heard him say they were American Bulldog crossed with mumble, mumble. I didn't catch the other breed, but they were very cute, mostly white with a little black.
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    After finding the picture of the dog with the person with the green shirt I'm positive that Piper is at least part American Bulldog maybe full, but I won't know till she stops growing.
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