Amazing Video..come see


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Well you may not think so, but, I have had people see this and have begged me to put this in a video and I finally did, so without further Ado...

Ta DA!


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That is really amazing thank you for posting it! It must have taken a long time to train.

I just have a question for you, and please don't take this the wrong way:
What do you think your dog is responding to when you do this with him?

Do you think your dog is responding to subtle body cues (like clever hans) or do you think it's the length of the word, the position of it, the actual picture the letters make...?

I'm just really interested if you've experimented with different orders, different font, different placements, etc to see what he is actually thinking through. Either way, you and your dog have truly worked very hard together and that is great to see!


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I've seen some vids like these before, and I would think that it would be the "picture" on the card. It's just like hand cues. However, many people pull off the "card reading" tricks by giving subtle cues that the average person will miss. I didn't see anything in your vid, very nice. =)


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LOL I know how she does it I taught it to her...there are several ways to teach this, and if you can't see what is going on I did my job, it's magic
So thank you, I tried to make the video so you could see me and her and see I was not mouthing anything (which i wasn't, any words I said was to the camera operator, to be sure they were ready), also not giving her signals with my hand you could barely see, I didn't in case you wondered.
That's why it took me almost a year to record this, I needed to work out the logistics so it would look fluid, and I tried to use the same body language for each trick so I could hold each card the same way...if you have ever trained you know what i mean, so NO one could say OH you mouthed it, or you held the card up high or down low or bent over..etc...
Anyway glad you enjoyed it. She is a great dog to work with, sometimes she is too smart for me and I have to stay a step ahead, she figures things out and I tell her to do something and she does it and I just shake my head cause she understood what I was saying.
Oh and about the paper, I don't get the local paper, I'm more worried about time on the computer...LOL
Thank you for watching and responding ......