Am I?


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I posted this earlier and now I can't find the post... Very strange... I have no idea what happened...

Anyways, here it is again:

Am I doing something wrong?

I was trying to teach my BC/Lab puppy how to cock his head on command. He would usually do it if I would make silly noises so I thought I would take advantage of that and turn it into a dog trick. So I would make a funny noise, he would cock his head, and I would click and treat. We did this about 3 or 4 times until he stopped doing it. After that, I could make any noise I could think of and he still wouldn't do it anymore. My goal was to not desensitize him to the sounds, but to teach him to "tilt" his head on command by using that to teach him. Guess that didn't work out how I had planned. There is now nothing else I can do to get him to do it. What can I do?:doghuh:

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Sorry about the inconvenience Driven ... I'm not sure what happened to your thread. :dogsad:


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I don't know what happened...

Maybe you could start teaching it a little differently. I can only think of shaping...
You wait for a movement that looks like cocking his head, click and reward.
This make take a little longer, but I don't know any more ways to teach this...