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Laura Cannon

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I seem to jump from website to websit looking for anything interesting. I was looking for some answers a friend was asking about if their puppy had a broken hip and if or what could be done other than taking it into the I started searching and found myself here...


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Well,the only responsible thing to do would be to take him/her to the vet... (my main guess is that is the replie you got at every website)

if the puppy has a broken hip it would be in pain and should have it checked out by a vet straight away and they can advise you from there :)


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I agree, the vet is the only place to go. If you don't, the bones could heal up the wrong way, causing the puppy to be in pain for ever, he could be crippled, in later years he would develop Hip displasia caused by the fracture, I could go on and on...

Maybe I'm reading it wrong... You probably mean, what else you can do, besides taking it to the vets...:oops:
Well I guess the vet will prescribe lots of rest, to keep the weight off the hip. It will take a while for the fracture to heal.
In the mean time you can keep the puppy occupied by giving a food-filled kong, teach it tricks that don't involve sitting or moving, like cross your paws, shame, shake your head, say yes, etc.
I hope the puppy will be ok!