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    Hi! I love my dog big time. We do all sorts of training together. I used to train horses really seriously, and starting at a really young age. I find the dog to have the desire to really want to work with you (whereas a horse would be cool just grazing with a herd, by design). And it's a mutually rewarding endeavor. I'm very thoughtful about taking any animal into my house, and have far fewer animals than someone like me would, with the amount of work I want to do with animals. I work other peoples' dogs, and teach the owners, to get my hands on more dogs and help people and their dogs have a better relationship.
    I've been waiting for my puppy to come for months and months now. A pyr shep is a rarer breed, and I think that's the best type of dog for how I am and what I want to do. Zeal is my BC, he's soft, and super awesome! My previous dog (Mix) had eyes like a doe, and such a different type of life in those eyes...hardest to motivate dog I'll ever own. W Zeal, you look in his eyes and see just dog. In the uncouth, wonderful way that dogs are. I have a Dog Training 101 rundown of how to train online, if you ever need to refer someone to a really good instructor for shaping and learning theory, positive reinforcement that's effective. I teach it through some basic trick training tasks. I'm especially good with the beginner level, teaching comprehension of how to train...and then I unleash them unto the world of whatever type of tricks they want to go after;) Always just a phone call or email away if they ever need help:) Thanks for making the group, everyone!

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    Hi and welcome to DTA.
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    Welcome to DTA!!! I love border collies!! Cant wait for pictures!!
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    Welcome!!!!! We would LOVE to see pics!!!!!:D
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    Welcome to the DTA! This is an awesome forum for positive trainers :)
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    Wow, thanks for all the love, guys...and right back at ya.

    Thanks for the link to advertise, Tigerlily. And Ripleygirl, I just love that photo! Really cool looking dog you have!

    I'm excited to be part of this group. Life wasn't as good without ya;)
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