Almost got "limp" down!

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by action jackson, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. action jackson New Member

    Jackson, my 1 year old Yorkie/possible Silky already knows a lot of tricks and we're always aiming to learn more.

    He's ALMOST got "limp" down and will walk on 3 legs and "limp." We started working on it last night and today, he did it twice by himself but he's still learning.

    Anyone else do this trick, how long did it take to click?

  2. fickla Experienced Member

    Nice job!!! I taught my corgi to do this with his left front foot. My original plan was to just completely shape it and while I got him to freely offer holding that left foot in the air for eternity he just didn't get how to do it when moving. So I used the leash to help support his foot when he moved. The leash didn't force his paw to be up, he could easily push it down, but it did provide support and helped him learn. Once I started using the leash it took a couple days for him to do go about 5 steps with the leash on but only occasionally supporting him. Unfortunately the leash in that position became a cue to start limping so even when he wasn't relying on the leash it took a couple more weeks for him to limp without the leash on! Now I just started over with his front right foot and and might see if I can try it without the leash this time.

    My other dog, Vito, I didn't use the leash but had him rest his foot in my hand as we walked. He got this extremely fast and was "limping" around the room that night. We don't work on it a lot but he still needs the support of my hand to do it and it's been maybe 4-5? sessions of it.

    I also plan on teaching limping with the back feet, but I figure I should get both front paws first :) Anyway, congrats on the new trick! you should post a video when it's finished!

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