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  1. torram New Member

    In the past week my Destiny has had a lot of sleep / goo in her eyes. In the last couple of days, her eyes have looked tired. For the most part, she's not as active or playful. She still likes her walks and played outside today with the hose. I'm wondering if she's got allergies. She also seems to have a few itty bitty scabs on her head. She's rubbing her face a lot and licking her paws. I'm planning on calling the vet in the morning. I took a cool cloth to her this evening and she mostly wanted to lick it. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas. She's not lethargic or anything, just lacking her normal umph.:doghuh:

    Thanks for listening.

  2. 4bella New Member

    I hope your dog is ok. Did you take him to the vet? I, too,am wondering if my dog has allergies. She scratches constantly. We use advantix tick and flea so I know she doesn't have fleas.We took her to the vet and he said she may still have afew fleas. He treated her but she still scratches..... all the time..... everyday...even after the vet treated her for fleas! She also has a problem with throwing up,not all the time,but once in awhile.Usually about 2 hours after she eats.
    Today she was eating grass! Whats that all about? Is that normal? I wonder if she has allergies or digestive problems? I'm soooo confused:msniwonder:
  3. jeepdog New Member

    When our dog suffered from allergies he would have red eyes along with slight swelling around the eyes also red spots under the chin. He would chew his front legs leaving hairless patches with small scabs. We used normal benadryl to treat the symptoms and if he chewed his legs enough we would have to combat that with steroids. Our dog was 50lbs and we would give him 2 tablets a day. Hopefully the vet will be able to tell otherwise they do the scratch testing for allergies.
  4. torram New Member

    Hi, I did take her to the vet. She does appear to be suffering from allergies. He gave her a shot and some cream for her eyes. She's rubbing her eyes and it's getting raw around her eyelids. They are not puffy like they were though. He also gave me a spray for the little scabs on her head, to make sure they don't get infected. She was feeling a bit better right away, but not great. She was probably the best so far this morning. The vet is going to be checking in with me again tomorrow. I had also used Frontline and so flea's were not the problem and he did check.

    My dog does eat grass sometimes. She sometimes eats it I think to help her throw up. I've read and heard that they eat grass on occasion because they're missing something in their diet.

    I would certainly call your vet about the vomiting if it's a regular problem.

    I hope your dog is feeling better. I'm sorry I didn't check this thread sooner.:dogblush:

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