advice please on teaching these tricks


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hey guys this is my first post so hopefully will get lots of help and advice on here:
i have 3 dogs two collies and a little jack russel.

they are all at differnt stages of trick training and these are the ones i would like to teach them but have no idea how!!!

1. reverse weaving
2. flip (only for my little jack the others are too big)
3.moonwalk (where the dog scoots back in the down position)

And any other impressive dog tricks

thanks :dogrolleyes:


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If you mean teaching flip with a frisbee, I can't really help you on that, as I don't do frisbee with my dog.
If you mean a sipmle flip, here's how I taught it to Pami:
Bsasically, I combined 2 tricks-- jump up (not in my arms, just jump), and turn away from me.
Teaching how to jump up: there are quite a few ways to teach it, sorry, but I honestly don't remember how I taught it... :D
You can teach turning away with simple luring.
Then, for the flip:
Ask your dog to turn away from you, then ask for a jump. At first, he will probably don't understand, so he will turn back to you. You can reward that at first, but as this is not what you want, keep trying.
My luck was, that when Pami did the jumping, she immediately turned back to me, as she wanted the reward.
After enough practice, and good timing with the clicker, you will get that flip.

This was a little chaotic, I know, but I hope it helped a little. :)
Have fun training! :)


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You could teach your dog to Crawl.. Just get them to lie down, then hold a lure right in front of their nose and slowly drag it forewards. They may or may not get it. If they get up then instantly tell them to lie down again and repeat it. Eventually it should click. My dog does this with a passion!!