advice intrinsic/extrinsic reinforcement and punishment


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I am a new member in your pack, and i am currently studying dog behaviour and training in Melbourne Australia. I have three dogs, two are senior girls both being 13years old and the latest addition to our pack is a Australian Customs puppy. We have had him for 8 months now and he will go on to protect our country either as a sniffer dog in substance detection or bomb. Its a rewarding programme to be apart of but we will miss him when he leaves in a month or so. The senior girls have stepped up to the challenge of new games to play, many teaching opportunities (eg, telling him off) and simply keeping up with him to remain the pack leaders.

I have two theoretical questions I wish to put out in the forum hoping to seek understanding. The first question is,
Explain the difference between intrinsic reinforcement and extrinsic reinforcement.
Explain the difference between intrinsic punishment and extrinsic punishment.

The only way I feel confident in gaining knowledge on such topics is to relate them to a dog training example. If anybody can help me i would love to hear from you.