Adopting puppy - husky/lab mix, general questions


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Hello all,

My roommate is considering adopting a 18 week old male lab/husky mix. We currently have a 15 month old black lab (55 lbs), 11 month old Golden Retriever (50 lbs). They are both obviously on the small side of both of those breeds, both are female. All three dogs have gotten together to play and did fine (at our house).

I am curious about this lab/husky mix to see what its temperament will be as it grows up. When I ask some of the following questions, I am asking in comparison to the average dog (1-2 walks a day, will chill out and relax in calmer situations, chews as a puppy but obedience fixes issues, etc.)

What is their energy level like of a husky?
Are they more interested in mental stimulation or physical activities?
Are they hyper?
Shedding.... Lot's of it I'm assuming?

Any opinions or things to share would be great.



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Good luck!..

I'm also currently owned by a 3 year old husky - Kiera!

let's see.. to answer some of your questions.

energy level: quite high.. we go out at least 2-3 times/day for an hour at a time. And by 'going out' I didn't imply a gentle stroll around the neighborhood unfortunately. I would say in general, huskies are high-energy dogs and we all know a tired dog is a happy dog! My hour 'walks' with Kiera usually consist of jogging/running for at least a few km. and/or having her burn out her energy by running with other dogs at the dog park or chasing a ball with her chuck-it.

Mental Stimulation vs. Physical Activities: A good combination of both is ideal! She gets most of her mental stimulation from her Kong toys (treat balls are amazing). Otherwise, she's at her happiest when there are other dogs to wrestle/play with.

Hyper? ..You've got an 18-week old dog.... let me know if it's not hyper when you get home... ;)

Shedding: Huskies in general shed most severely twice a year when they 'blow their coats'. Their fluffy undercoats come out in clumps around spring and fall.. mind you we have snow in the winters, and hot sunny days in the summer. Regular brushing helps to keep things under control. Best of all...use a furminator during the shedding season!

Mind you..all these characteristics combined with a labrador retriever may get you an even more energetic dog... but who knows? Good luck with the adoption process! I'm always available for more questions!


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Good info lotuslily, it is much appreciated. I pretty much figured the high energy level out of a puppy, but wasn't sure how they were once they reach 2 years.


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I use to have a husky. Until the day she died she was super hyper. We use to have her run around our yard and she would go crazy. She was always playing and very playful. She was also very good around kids. I was only 5 and my sister was 2 and my brother was an infant.