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"Newfoundland dogs are good to save children from drowning, but you must have a pond of water handy and a child, or else there will be no profit in boarding a Newfoundland." - Josh Billings
Probably this one Josh Billings had a poor narrow concept about things. Is it so sure that a Newfoundland is only good to save children from drowning? Well they also save ppl in their hospital beds and do so many other useful things. And this is what's happening at home with all my family and we don't live in ponds (in that case we would have been frogs!:doglaugh:
Do you know that Lhasa Apso dogs where carried by Monks to be defended by menaces? A friend of mine has one but she isn't threatened by anyone. Should you own a setter or a pointer only if you are a hunter?:ywondering:
You know, this things reminds me when I lived in a Sioux Rez for a month. When I came back to Italy some people asked me:"Do they still live in tipi?":yworried::yquestion:
My dear Josh Billings don't be so narrowminded: it could be shocking for you when you realize you have a brain!:ywhistle:


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Lol, I see your point. Many people assume Border Collie owners certainly must be farmers/ranchers, unless of course that person is familiar with dog events, in which case they sometimes assume that they must be agility/flyball/frisbee competitors. Well...nope, just a dog owner and trainer. ^^ Although, in my case I do own livestock...but I wouldn't call my place a farm or ranch.
My BC is good for all kinds of things, not just what most people see BCs doing. My Rottie mix loves pulling, but he's also a great sheepdog, retriever, snuggler, and he's great fun to train new tricks. My Chihuahua...well, he's a good snuggler. Lol!
Sadly, most people do see the Newfie as a child-saver, BCs as herders, and...well goodness, the list could go on. What some people don't realize is that dogs are very versatile creatures, and are good at anything we ask of them! (And things we don't ask of them.)


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I think your Josh Billings quote is cute. I can totally relate, I share life with an English Coonhound that does NOT hunt coons! She is my companion while geocaching, trail riding, and the thing she wants to hunt the most is anyone that plays "lost" during search and rescue training!