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I'd like to try a shed-monster someday!

Btw, Sarah, IAMS is one of the alltime WORST crappy dog foods available, and it is not cheap, either.

sorry to tell you, but it is. I wished someone had told me back when i fed similar dog foods, unaware of what IS in that bag.:( I mean, who the heck knew what these words on the ingredient list even meant, right?? PLus, even vets smile and say, "Iams is fine" or whatever crappy brand you ask them about.--Purina, Science Diet, Eukanuba, all these popular brands, are lousy dog foods.

I was once just like you, i used to feed dog foods one can buy in a grocery store, too. I had no idea ppl could package up such crap,:eek: and put it in a pretty bag, and say whatever they wanted to about what's in the bag.
rule of thumb (in USA anyway) is usually, if you can buy your brand of dog food in a grocery store, it's a 90% chance it is crap.:cautious:

Iams is mostly corn, (as the items are listed by WEIGHT, and the chicken is not yet dehydrated when weighed and listed............ so once it is dehydrated,
it is much lighter,
and nowhere NEAR the top ingredient.:(
So the top ingredients in IAMS, after the chicken is now dehydrated light powder form and NOW that dehydrated chicken now falls wayyyyyyy down the list, are----
----CORN, (undigestible to dogs, it's a filler)
---------BYPRODUCTS (that is like, meatfree hooves and beaks, slaughterhouse refuse) ------------and SORGHUM, (another starchy carb like corn)
Dogs need meat,and Iams has almost no meat in the whole bag,:( .

Here is a review of Iams:

(their puppy food looks slightly less horrible than their adult dog food)
here's another review of Iams:

Here is a real simple site, it rates dog foods by scoop, like 5 scoops is best. At first, i thought they did not rate Iams, at all, but then i realized, they have a "No scoop" rating for Iams:

YOur dog's coat might improve to even better than he is now, and he might scratch less, and shed a LOT less, once he is well nourished with proper nutrients.
He might shed a lot less. :D See, if a dog eats stuff he is allergic to, they get skin and coat problems, not runny noses like we do. It's not impossible, with all the crappy ingredients in Iams, that your dog *might* be getting stuff he is slightly allergic to,
or being slightly malnourished of proper nutrients.
Does he scratch a lot?

to pick out better dog food----->HERE is one of my favorite of all dog food comparison charts,


as besides rating the nutrition in the dog foods----------- it indicate the price, too:D (i am on a budget, so price matters to me, and most dog food rating sites, you must run to other sites to get an idea if it is expensive or not expensive, but that one sort of helps sort them by price, as well)

If you do decide you want to move away from Iams, you would want to do so, slowly, swapping out only a few of the kibbles at a time, gradually swapping it out, like over a week or two, so your dog wont' get diarrhea or upset stomach.

don't feel bad, i did exact same thing, sure did, and i LOVED that dog, and i just had no idea. My old dog food cost a lot, too. My vet said it was okay, so i believed him.:rolleyes:O_o

back then, i did not realize corn was undigestible filler and bad for dogs, i did not understand "by-products" means hooves and beaks, had no idea about toxic preservatives used in dog foods, did not know that "animal digest" means actual poop, and cellulose was cardboard, and i had to learn a lot to decide on a better dog food that i COULD afford.

So i settled on "chicken soup for the dog lovers soul", it's only about $1 a pound, lists 4 meats on top, no corn, no byproducts, no cellulose, no soy, no wheat, no poisonous preservatives, has pro-biotics and omega 3s, is made in america, and doesn't get recalled, and it has no horrible stuff in it. You can't buy it in a grocery store, (GOOD SIGN) but several pet stores sell it, but, it's only once a month trip, and your pup can go in there WITH you, so it's fun!!

no matter what dog food you decide on, do Call ahead, as our local Petsmart doesn't carry it, but Pawmart does, as does PetSuppliesPlus, etc. NOt all pet supply stores carry all brands, i mean, so call ahead.
Yikes! IAMS is sold in a lot of vets here - not mine fortunately and I have never used it either.


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//"Plus he's so black you just cannot see him in the dark, little tinker would be standing near me looking at the stars or whatever."//

We got one of these for nighttime outings:

A blinking dog tag!! We clip it on for night times. Even though Buddy's white fur just about glows in the dark, on moonless nights or if he's very far away, he's hard to see, too!

We had bought a blinking collar, but, his fur covered it!:ROFLMAO:


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:ROFLMAO: That's priceless, the blinking collar is covered by Buddy's fur!

I have a blinking collar for Ra Kismet when he goes for walks at night as coming up on people they just cannot see him. I walk him more after dark when it's stinking hot here, side walks too hot for paws, together with sun too hot for dog or human, it's 'after dark' walkies time. Will get a tag for him to wear outside - great idea thank you:)

:D Only 'problem' which may occur - he get's so muddy coz he play's soccer which is why he hasn't been wearing a collar when outside in the garden playing. He gets MUD in ever conceivable place and a few places you wouldn't think off too:D

How lovely, Buddy's fur glows in the moonlight, that must look so pretty:)

Zeus can be seen in the dark but if it's early morning and misty (rare in Adelaide) he 'disappears' completely:)


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Shivon disappears completely in the dark:rolleyes: but her paws are white at the back, so it looks like she has tail lights:ROFLMAO: I have a blinking light like that for Shivon.


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:LOL: Shivon must look so cute:D Am getting one for Ra Kismet, he doesn't even have 'tail lights' he just 'vanishes:giggle:

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Both of my big dogs are black and the night just swallows them up...blinking tags were the plan but Ayla's hair is too long...LOL

And belated - 7 pages later welcome to Yuma & Sarah!


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Hey there!
My name is Sarah and I have a beautiful 8 week old male German Shepherd puppy named Yuma. We live in Oklahoma (where if the heat doesn't get ya, the wind will!) Yuma is a pain in the butt thus far, so I am hoping that I can find some useful tips and tricks to teach him to behave.
His biggest problems so far are:
Barking incessantly in his crate at all hours
Not minding if he is allowed outside off of his leash
And messing in the floor even though he knows to go outside
(I understand that he is a puppy and this is natural, but his barking is causing me to lose valued sleep)

Although he has these complications, he is a very smart boy. In just two nights he has learned sit, down, paw, sit up, and we are working on stay.

So, if you have any suggestions, feel free to state them!
Hi, instead of the crate, i tie my pup to the side of the bed and give her a big (old) fluffy comforter to sleep on. that way if she barks you can drop a hand over the side of the bed and comfort him. he is probably lonesome. my dog hates the crate and i finally tried glopping peanut butter all over one of the KONG toys and put it in there. what a difference. i don't have to drag her in and she is still loud when we come home. but not hysterical like she was. jeannie