A Walk In The Woods :-)

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  1. running_dog Honored Member

    I went to a wood with the dogs yesterday, it was a gorgeous day and I walked down the beck (stream), and got some really nice photos and video... I thought I'd share some of them with y'all.

    There was a big storm earlier in the year and there was still a fallen tree across one of the paths and we had some fun with that before heading down to the beck.

    Gus loved the beck though I was worried he would over tire himself early in the walk (he has a thyroid problem at the moment) and once walking the beck there aren't any shortcuts.

    Gus looking for the stick after he lost it. I love the way he uses his feet to find the stick and get it into shallow water. The sticks there don't know they are supposed to float!

    There were quite a few blockages left over from the storm that we had to scramble through. The green tunnel effect was amazing.

    As you can see not easy to get out once you're walking the beck! The dogs aren't very used to the area so they would rush ahead to look round every corner but then they would hurtle back to me. Gus had a bit of a scare when I scrambled down a slope and Zac being a bold adventurer followed. Poor Gus couldn't face it and we had to go back and find another way. I forget how bold Zac is.

    I loved the light and shade... IMG_6372.JPG


    Zac's best buddy is Gus though you might not know it from this video. It is no surprise that Zac has a mouldy recall at times when this sort of thing happens! I couldn't blame him and they were having fun and he did sort of come.

    Zac found a friend... Gus WAS flagging a bit but we were on our way back really by then.

    Then we realised what local inhabitants we were upsetting, rather horrified we hid in the bushes to make sure they were not permanently disturbed. A few minutes later one of them was back to fish so I guess we hadn't disturbed them too much after all.

  2. 648117 Honored Member

    Great photo's. It looks like you, Gus and Zac had a great time! :D
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  3. running_dog Honored Member

    I just noticed I posted the wrong video for Gus looking for his stick, this is the one I meant to post... Zac is so jealous LOL
  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    Great photos and videos. I love the 2nd pic with Zac. Gus is cute how he finds sticks, what a smart boy.
    It looks like both had a blast.
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  5. 648117 Honored Member

    Holly likes to rescue sticks from the stream at the dog park that we go to. Except the sticks she gets float so it's a little easier.
    I find it really funny because she doesn't really like to fetch but she must "rescue" sticks, it she float to a bit thats deeper then she like she waits for them to float back.
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  6. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Great photos and videos! Gus and Zac are so cute. :)
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  7. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    Lovely pics and vids! What a gorgeous area for a walk. Where abouts is it?

    Clever Gus with the stick finding... If Ripley has a stick that sinks she just blows bubbles for a few seconds then give up! :ROFLMAO:

    They look like they had a blast!
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  8. running_dog Honored Member

    If Gus's world was perfect sticks would float :rolleyes: but for some reason a lot of ours don't, maybe because they are wet and the water is shallow.

    I wonder why Holly has to rescue them. Is it only when they are moving? perhaps it is an odd manifestation of prey drive LOL.
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  9. running_dog Honored Member

    It is in the Valley Gardens at Saltburn in North Yorkshire.

    Zac will hunt for lost tennis balls (sometimes for fun he squishes them into the mud on the bottom so they don't float and then he makes a big fuss of pawing them out again) but he doesn't bother that much about lost sticks... unless he's trying to steal them from Gus like in that video.
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  10. running_dog Honored Member

    Thanks Danielle, it was a gorgeous day which made taking photos and video easy!
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  11. running_dog Honored Member

    Thanks Kassidy :)
  12. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    Gorgeous place! Isn't it lovely with that sort of weather in Britain! Ollie is the same with tennis balls but Ripley just doesn't 'get' tennis balls... :confused:
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  13. Gordykins Experienced Member

    That area is gorgeous!! Your dogs are wonderful! Gus has such a gorgeous, thick looking coat.
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  14. running_dog Honored Member

    Thank you :)

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