A responsible Breeder


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A responsible breeder:
- does not perpetuate that a crossbreed is an actual breed ( Cockapoos, Labradoodles, Schnoodles etc.)
- does not breed dogs of their breed to be bigger or smaller than the breed standard. ( IE does not use giant, king sized, bigger is better, teacup, peanut etc as a selling point.)
- does not use color as a selling point
- does not refer to any color that is not a common trait as "rare"( such as blue pit bulls, liver Dalmatians, blue Dobermans etc), especially if it is not an acceptable color for the breeds standard. ( For example: white Dobermans, Silver Labs, lemon Dalmatians, etc.)
- health tests all his dogs before breeding
- does not let a pet quality dog go unaltered
- only breeds titled dogs that have been proven to fit the breed standard to a T and will improve the breed due to having a sound body and temperment
- is usually involved in rescue at some level be it fostering, financial, timewise, etc.
- thoroughly screens the homes his/her pups go to
- produces few dogs
- takes back the dogs of thier breeding(in explanation: If for any reason the purchaser of the dog cannot keep it due to illness, financial hardship or anything else that would cause someone to give up their dog, the breeder will take it back and rehome it themselves as opposed to the dog ending up in a shelter.)

- is there throughout the dogs life to answer questions and give advice to the owner.

All the people I know who breed also ask for a 100$ fee towards training, if you show proof of Training, you get the money back.
Add anything you want to add...

Jean Cote

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Nice! :dogsmile:

I would add:

* Does not make you pick a puppy until the later weeks (5 - 8). There is absolutely no sense in picking a puppy at a week old when they can barely walk and open their eyes.


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oh yeah forgot that, thanks Jean,
I just assume that one and shouldn't, it is law here that you can't transfer or sell a puppy under 8 weeks, unless given the approval of a vet, also
"starts potty training and socialization from 4 weeks on"
they should ask a ton of questions from you, and you should ask of them, I should put that on here also...mmmm, when I have time I will.