A poodle mom here


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I'm the owner of a beautiful silver male miniature poodle. We got him from a rescue in October, and he's turning out to be more handsome and smart and delightful than we ever thought we'd find. He's about 5 years old. I've trained him in Pre-Agility Obedience, and hope to continue doing more. His name is Pippin, and I just posted his picture on the beach, where he's thinking great poodle thoughts. That was taken shortly after we got him; his coat is much more poodle-y now. Looking forward to learning all the tricks here.


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Welcome Poodlezzz - Pippin is a real cutie! I've always loved that name for a Poodle... used to know a black Standard with it :)

I've got a couple of Standard myself... my website with info and pictures of them is in my signature.

See you around!


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Hi Poodlezzz and welcome!

Pippin is adorable and I love his name. It sounds like you've done quite a bit of training already and we're looking forward to hear of the skills you've taught Pippin and sharing lots of information and stories.

Take care: Hivin