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Hi All

My name is Anne. My husband Dave (AKA DAT123) and I are owned by 3 Border Collies Arlie, Delta and Talin. We both loves dogs, but only started to learn about training them in 2004 when Delta came into our lives. Delta is the dog I mainly train, we compete in flyball, agility and frisbee. I love to learn and perform tricks, and my husband and I (and a few friends) often participate in demos, and are part of a small group trying to teach ourselves Canine freestyle (It's just starting up here in Brisbane). Dave trains Arlie (9.5 years) and now young Talin.

My husband Dave found this web-site a few days ago, and we both really like it. We are trying to write up a curriculum for a tricks class, and I can see this web-site being useful for us and any students brave enough to come to our classes. This is our first attempt at instructing). A couple of our friends have already joined. Goochy and Robyn, glad to see you found your way here!

My girl Delta has not been able to do all her usual tricks and activities lately because she pulled up lame the morning after a flyball training session late November (not sure if it was the flyball, or the frisbee play afterwards that did the damage). She has had quite a few weeks of crate rest, and are still on limited activity (seeing the vet on Wed for a checkup before starting to get her back into condition). She had a groin injury, isn't limping now, but playing it safe as it is an injury that can become chronic quite easily if exercised too soon.

I have already flooded the gallery with pics of our dogs (photography is another passion) so there will probably be lots more in the future (if that's OK).


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Took a look at the photos. All lovely dogs, and with an active life by the sounds of it. Of course, I'm always happy to see Border Collies.

Welcome to the DTA, and I look forward to reading and seeing more.


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Hey Anne, love that pic of Delta in your avatar, so cute! I have one of me holding all 4 dogs at Bellingen, (co-incidently shrunk so much that you can hardly see me haha), I might have to put that one up sometime soon.