A Long Night For Gus And Us

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    :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Laughing so much, so pardon typos on a fully intact computer! that's priceless!!!!!!!!! Well you now have bragging rights to owning the only 'dog designed' laptop!!!!!!!! Now what did you expect??? Of course his blood brother couldn't be left out! Nothing like a dog designed mobile phone either!

    Ra Kismet can add to this. His best effort though was to chew up the thingee which opens the car. I walked in and followed the trail of debris. First a small battery (thank goodness he didn't find that digestible), then some plastic, then a spring. Had me a tad puzzled for a while but then the penny drop!!!!!! And I had to explain to my partner that umm, errrrrh, ummm, Ra Kismet kinda tried to eat the car opening thingee. Not quite sure who was more in disgrace, Ra Kismet or myself, especially when partner found it cost AU$250.00 for a replacement. Apparently the entire unit had to be replaced, security and all that jazz! I tried not to get in the car until it was fixed, as partner, whilst turning the key and counting xxxx until xxx clicks had gone through, with each digit of the security code, would mutter some rather unsavory things about people who didn't put the car thing out of the puppy's reach and puppy's who thought it was a tasty snack.

    Tried walking the two the other night. LOL Zeus decided it was a RACE and took off at top warp speed! Didn't know he came with jet propulsion but he did and almost left Ra Kismet and myself at the gate! And he's normally such a well mannered chap! Always thoughtful and considerate, even when attempting to snaffle some dropped take away food!

    Can feel for you when Gus tuned into a raging tornado. Ra Kismet isn't quite that bad now when we meet a dog unexpectedly but he's not totally over his over reaction with other dogs and friends do get the shock of their lives when he 'performs':eek:
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