A little help?


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Hi everyone!
I thought of making a website with this site, but I got a littlebit stuck.
I want to make a website that is also available in Hungarian and English.
You know, like when you have a little flag at the top of the page, and if you click on it, the website comes in on a different language.
How can I make that?

Hope I was understandable.... :D


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I think you will need to make two copies of each page and do the translations yourself. :)


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This site was (probably) made in PHP. Do you know PHP and HTML, or maybe CSS? If not, I suggest you learn it, because it really is recommended if you want to make a website like this. PHP/CSS are scripts, so it's kind of like programming. Most websites nowadays that are made with this, are like programs (instead of the simple HTML pages) that run in your webbrowser. There are also free tools you could try out. If you register for an account on www.freehostia.com, you can click "elephante PHP scripts", and install those on your freehostia webspace, and make websites that looks (kind of) the same like this. You'd have to take a look by yourself and see if you find it good enough to do the trick or not. Still I do recommend learning PHP/CSS, it's always good to know such things if you want to run a decent website. Good luck!

edited 14 aug: i can't program, but i know about things like wordpress and mango, which works fine


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W0lf is right, if you had Dreamweaver you could duplicate your site folder and just re-name it.

I use dreamweaver, and I love it!