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  1. Kaypix Member

    OK so that's a huge image, and really disproportionate, as the dog in the front is only 50 pounds and the one in the back is 118 pounds...
    Anyways, my name's Kara, and my boys are Dante (white) and Nero (black). Nero is confirmed as Border Collie/Basset hound (mom) and unk dad (assumed black lab). Dante on the other hand, is a bit trickier...and my reason for joining the forums is to try and figure out his breed.
    Here is Dante a 1 year old when we got him from the pound at 58 pounds:

    And here is him in 2010 wintertime (was about 4 1/2 , just before we realized he had cancer)

    And him last summer with Nero

    His ears are only about 3" long, and his tail won' curl up like a husky, I want to know what he is!

  2. Dogster Honored Member

    Welcome!!! Dante and Nero are soo cute!!!!:love: Dante looks like a husky mix. White huskies look very similar to Dante
  3. Kaypix Member

    Thanks so much! His tail can't curl at all, it hurts him if it makes it above about...20 degrees above straight / horizontal to his body? He normally carries it straight down, then it's straight as a board and backward (like a pointer) when he's happy
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  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    i thought husky mix too, but i am lousy at this game. But the stunning blue eyes, the shape of face and ear, the body, lotta things said "husky" to me.
    Is Dante pretty verbal dog, makes a lot of unique noises? (some huskies do that, some are very verbal dogs, can almost say words even.)

    Whatever mix your dogs are, wow, what good looking beautiful dogs!! They look so so good together too, makes each one seem even prettier when seen as a pair!!

    It's also not impossible, that Dante is a full blooded Bitsa.

    ..........bitsa this, bitsa that, all your favorite breeds in one dog!!:D
  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Dante has cancer?
    or had cancer? How long ago?

    so so sorry to hear this, hope Dante is okay now? He sure LOOKS LIKE the picture of health there in the photos!

    Why does Dante's tail hurt if it is lifted? an injury or something?
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  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    btw, i don't see tons of border collie in Nero, and i can't spot any basset hound at all in these photos,
    but you know that is in him, so it is in there, just doesn't show quite as much as i'd expect.
    Aren't dogs so fascinating??
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  7. Kaypix Member

    Thanks so much, I'm sure he's a mix, his eyes are actually a hazel/brown and are both the same color. Nero is a basket case, and Dante is VERY vocal, he talks back to me constantly, literally as in having conversations. I say "It's not dinner time yet" and then he does the ouwooooo oouwooooo "boof" thing at me , it's great. He was diagnosed with bone cancer radiating from his front tooth on his lower mandible (jaw) in January of 2011. We took him down to K-State for treatment, here's the album of his trip:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.488541526915.265277.563061915&type=3

    He's fine now, turns out the cancer had NOT spread to his jaw, only the skin around the tooth , although after the radiation he went through, if and when it comes back (average of 5-7 years) it'll be very aggressive and non-stoppable. As Dante was nearly 5 at the time, we figured the additional 5 years would get him to the end of his natural life anyways so it was worth the price for us.
  8. Kaypix Member

    Oh, and for Nero, I saw his mom, I should have taken a picture of her, she was nutty looking. Think a basset hound in stature, with border collie coloring and coat, but basset hound long a** tail. And when he gets super upset, Nero can bay with the best of them lol. He has a VERY long tail that can knock stuff over, which makes me think maybe a Lab, it's pretty tough too. He is also able to chew on his ears...which I find just a bit weird...and his coat is wavy, I'll look for a pic of his tail up so you can see what I mean about the border tail, oh, and he can jump high enough to lick me on the face when I walk in the door. His back is just above my kneecap.
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  9. southerngirl Honored Member

    I definitely see husky in Dante, but I'm not sure what else. Does he have webbed feet? Can you post a pic of him standing up with sideways, kind of like this dog is standing.[IMG]
    that way we can see his features better.
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  10. Kaypix Member

    OK I found some pics of Nero for comparison:
    This was May of 2010 when we got him, and he was...5 months old?

    Here's a shot of his tail...
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  11. Kaypix Member

    I only have 600 pictures of Dante, I can't imagine I'd have a profile one of him ;) JK give me a sec I'll dig one out of facebook lol
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  12. Kaypix Member

    This was him in Kansas where he got his treatment. We had to take him there in the AM, get him sedated and x-rays, then got to say one last goodbye for 4 LOOOONG weeks.

    Was this the kind of profile you wanted? Sorry it's blurry, no flash to not freak him out.
  13. Kaypix Member

  14. southerngirl Honored Member

    The yellowish tent to his coat and body structure make me think Lab/husky mix[IMG] He has the yellow white coat like Dante

    or German Shepard/lab mix[IMG] Even has the red nose.
    If I were you I would do some Research on these breeds(German Shepard Does you're dog have anything in common with them personality wise? Lab Does your dog have any lab characteristics and so on.) I hope this helps.
  15. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Welcome!!!! I was going to suggest lab/husky mix but I dont think there is lab in him. He does kind of look like a lab/husky I know
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  16. bekah1001 Honored Member

    I think you might be right :)
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  17. Kaypix Member

    Hm...could be, I was thinking a light red husky mixed with something cuz his ears are small, seriously, we saw a 1 yo shepherd whose ears were roughly double the size of Dante's ears.

    And that's the highest his tail can go :) He loved that alien (current toy in mouth) and then he ripped the squeaker out...
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  18. Anneke Honored Member

    Hi and welcome!

    My guess for Dante would be husky/shepherd too. Maybe white shepherd? The ears might not be shepherd, but more husky, but I think his face sure has shepeherd features. So does his stature. He's beautifull!
    Nero looks like a border/black lab I know
  19. Dlilly Honored Member


    Wow, he is gorgeous! He looks like a husky/shepherd to me. That's just my guess. ;)
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  20. Pawtential Unleashed Experienced Member

    I got so busy thinking about breed mixes I forgot to say Hello!

    I would say Husky/White Shepherd/Lab mix
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