A funny trick


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Great trick! Every morning my husband puts a treat in his mouth, stoops down on his knees, and then then Bailey grabs it. Bailey can't jump as high as the dog in the video. Fun tricks! Thanks for sharing it!

Jean Cote

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P.S. If anybody is going to try this, please make sure that you are on carpet or grass. Doing this on tiles or wood flood could be dangerous for falls or slips. :)


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That is why I don't want to teach this trick to her.
I don't have a rug in my room... but I really want one...:dogbiggrin::dogbiggrin:


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ROFL - too cute!
That reminded me of something from years ago. Back when I was into obedience training and showing, the "fancy finish" became very popular. You have all probably seen it, the dog is sitting in front of the handler, the handler will give the command to finish and the dog jumps in the air, twists his body while in the air and comes down seated in the heel position.

People had a lot of methods to teach this, one being to hold a treat (hot dogs were popular) in your mouth and get the dog to jump up, grab the treat and go to heel.

One day a man was in the ring, and I guess he had not quite perfected this. The dog performed beautifully, until the dog was given the command to finish and the dog jumped up, bit the man on the nose and returned to heel.

Needless to say, the man was embarrassed, the people watching were rather shocked then burst into laughter when they realized what had happened.

It was a great memory for everyone I am sure! :msngiggle: