A Dog Poem


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Lol, I had to write a poem for a scholarship I'm applying for, so I thought I'd share it with you guys. ^^ Okay, so it's a bit cheesy maybe, but I'm needing some scholarships and I ran across this one. :) So here we are.

For the Love of My Dog by ME!

Vet bills, treats, Purina feed,
Anything that she may need
Frisbees, balls, and toys gallore
Hours spent in the Petsmart store
Late nights caring for her wounds
Hoping, praying she'll heal soon
Games of fetch, hairy clothing
Things I find people loathing
Going out for morning jogs
All for the love of my dog!
Wagging tails and tons of play
Make it all worth it each day
Playmate, counselor, and friend
She's my buddy till the end!

Haha...laugh all you want. :dogtongue2: Needed to do something quickly for this one because the deadline is soon, so anyway...hope you enjoyed it! :doglaugh:


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I have a better one for you, you might wanna use it if it's still possible:

Give me some money, I need it quick
Without this scholarship I'll always stay thick


(or maybe they'd prefer yours anyway :doglaugh: )


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nice poem tx cowgirl. I think it's really good. It rhymes, makes sense, and is very true. I definately wouldn't be able to pull off writting a poem.


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Nice poem! You should not do this only for the scholarship , try doing it as a hobby maybe one day an editor will find you and we will get to buy the book of dog poems.Does that exist? I'd be surprised..Good luck