A Cat Killer?

Discussion in 'Dog Behavior Problems' started by running_dog, Aug 30, 2014.

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    I've already posted about the fearful farm dog I met. The other farm dog, Bo a Border Collie/Kelpie was reputedly a cat killer. Some time ago, they thought it was winter time but weren't sure, cats started turning up dead on the farm. They were unmarked just dead. Bo was unmarked also but because he had been seen chasing the cats he was blamed for the deaths.

    I find it hard to believe that a dog can kill several cats without their being some kind of visible injury to him or them. When on one horrible day Zac fought with a cat there was a lot of cat fur left behind and Zac was lame from the scratches he had received. The cat scratch on Zac's face had narrowly missed his eye. I tend to think that cats sell their 9 lives dearly. I was more inclined to think the deaths were a case of accidental poisoning and suggested that the cats might have had access to antifreeze.

    However I saw Bo with one of the cats and took a picture. The cat was trying to slink away without taking her eyes off Bo as he stalked her. A few moments later Bo lost interest as more exciting things (in his opinion :)) were happening. What do you think?

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    BTW I should have said that the cat that Zac fought with did escape. We saw it in the neighbourhood frequently after the fight though as far as I know it didn't come hunting birds in our garden again. Getting Zac steady with cats is an ongoing project :rolleyes:.
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    I don't think he is killing them. If he was a cat killer you would know. He wouldn't have walked away from that cat if he was. Plus he would have some kind of injury the cat would have fought back like Zac had scratches. Your would find signs of a struggle, such as cat fur, blood on the cat, on the dog. I think they need to look around places where the cats hang out and find what these cat's are dying from. I agree they are being poisoned.
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    Thanks Danielle, I appreciate having a second opinion.

    The cats stopped dying. Another reason for suspecting that they had had access to poison which then was stopped for some reason. I suspect that there was a leak in the screenwash of one of the vehicles and the cats were licking it up. Because they are farm cats the symptoms possibly wouldn't be noticed. As I suggested poisoning to the son who looks after the machinery I'm hoping that if cats start dying again he will think of it and check the vehicles.
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    I'm glad to hear the cats stopped dying. I really do hope if they start dying again that like you said he will check the vehicles.
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