9 Month



My boyfriend Brandon and I [Kari] just recently gained a wonderful new family member named Aro. He is a 9 month old short haired border collie and he is the sweetest little pup! He's very intelligent, good natured and an absolute pleasure to live with! He learns rather quickly and I'm very excited to try out some of the techniques found on this Forum! It's great to find a community just as in love and involved in their dogs lives as we are!

So far, Aro knows how too sit, lay down, shake, fetch, dance, spin as well as tell the difference between certain toys, occassional put those toys away [when he's feeling helpful lol] Hes expert at Stay for a 9 month old baby boy allowing me to walk all over the house and he wouldn't move an inch from his mat until I tell him to!

Looking forward to learning lots, and having tons of fun with all of these great ideas!
Kari, Brandon & Aro

Jean Cote

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Hi Kari! Welcome to the DTA! Oh, a short haired Border Collie, it'll be less work to groom! :)


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I love the smooth coat BC's! They look so different :) This forum is chalk full of ideas for keeping a brainiac dog like yours from getting bored! LOL Welcome and enjoy!