6yr Old German Shepherd Limping


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Ok, so I have a 6 yr old male German shepherd, about a month ago he was playing with a friend,when he came in the house he was limping holding up his right foot and of course I was so upset because we had him to the vet a couple months before because he was walking up the stairs slow,so I thought maybe he was getting HD,the vet just examined him and said he should lose some weight( he is a big boy) so no prob,I put him on a diet,he lost a bit of weight before the playing episode. I waited a couple weeks to see if he would get better, he improved a bit, but I was worried he put his hip out or something. The vet took X-rays and said they were all good no HD at all and the vet said she could not see anything else wrong,she said to message and hot compress so I have been doing that. He goes good, well better, not as much limping. she also gave some pain meds. He just has not been himself and just keeps laying down,he is eating and drinking good. To me he seems so down. I noticed today he is holding is right leg up again when he walks and his limping more pronounced. Has anybody else had a dog that limps like that and do you know what it could be? It has to be something,I checked his paw pads that's all good. He also enjoys the messages with no complaints. I just want my happy go lucky boy back


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I have a sighthound and he gets leg strains sometimes with similar symptoms to what you describe. Mostly I just lead walk him for a week so he gets a chance to heal up without him tearing it by behaving like a loony. However if you are worried you should take him back to the vets and get him checked out. I did that the first couple of times until I had an idea of what's a "normal" limp and what needs checking out.

Remember your dog is getting a bit older now so he might injure himself a little more often - just like we don't bounce back so easily once we are grown up neither do dogs.