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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by Sammie Dunn, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Just thought that I would share a website that me and my friend found when we were looking for training tips.
    This website teaches you basic commands (Such as responding to a clicker, responding to name, sit, lie down, ect.) as well as more difficult tricks (Such as getting the mail, jumping through hoops, weaving).

    My new idea is to try and teach Coco 1 new trick every day however due to starting work that's not going to help as I am now a Dog Sitter/Trainer/Walker in my local area. So helping out a rescue dog tonight and training too. Then training Coco tomorrow morning.

    So here is that website :- http://www.doggiebuddy.com/topics/Trainingtopics/traintopic3.html

    Please post comments and videos if this works for you and progress and such or better websites if you know any! Thanks
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  2. Isi Havanese Active Member

    Thank you! I am looking for things such as this myself I will check it out when I get more time tomorrow and let you know what I think.:)
  3. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    Great Isi! I'm just trying to help everyone. I try to teach Coco one new trick every day with this but he sometimes wants to have a lazy day :D
    Let me know how you get on and recommend it to a friend. xx
  4. Isi Havanese Active Member

    My name is Christie, my dog is Isi, or Izzi or Isabella. This is my new Avatar is looks just like my Isi but I copied the pic online, hope that is not illegal!:eek: I don't know how to get my pics on here from my phone yet.
  5. Dlilly Honored Member

    I'll have to check that site out. :)
  6. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    Hope everyone is finding the site useful! I used it for Coco at least 4 times a week :) Dlilly, your dogs are gorgeous, brilliant crosses.
  7. abby_someone Well-Known Member

    What a great site! I will look it over more when I am done with my English homework.;)
  8. Dlilly Honored Member

    Sammie- Thanks! :D

    I'm going to use the tips from that site to help teach Shiloh roll over. I'm having trouble teaching her this. Hopefully, that site may help me out.
  9. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    I hope it helps you all. It is a great site and I was so happy when I stumbled across it :) Coco has trouble with Roll Over. He doesnt like being on his back so I'm trying the roll over just now too
  10. abby_someone Well-Known Member

    Coco sure is cute! I love his pretty brown color.
  11. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    Thanks Abby. :D He was the only brown one in the litter, there was black&white ones and a red&white one but only 1 brown and white so I grabbed him !!

    Your puppy is soooo adorable. I saw one similar in Dundee the other day and my heart almost melted instantly. I looked at my partner and he was saying 1 puppy is enough! :ROFLMAO: I wanted to steal it sooo badly! haha
  12. abby_someone Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I looooove all puppies. Kato was chosen for me by the breeder and I couldn't be happier. I have to agree with your partner, I am a one dog type person too, but....... I would probably have 5 or 6 if I wasn't careful! LOL
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  13. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    Yes I know what you mean. When you see them you just want them all :) I am quite bad for that. At one point I had 3 hamsters, 4 gerbils, 2 goldfish and the puppy. And I still wanted more pets. :D Unfortunately some of them died from old age :(
  14. abby_someone Well-Known Member

    Really? I have 5 cats, 1 dog, a bunny a salamander and 14 chickens! I have to avoid shelters or I would have closer to 100 of each! I too have been losing animals :cry:, it sure is hard.

    I always want more pets. I am not a horder, I just feel sorry for the ones without homes.:(
  15. running_dog Honored Member

    Careful or you'll both need to join the petfinder support group....
  16. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    Yes it is a shame. Me and my partner have agreed no more just now :( Due to all the loses we only have 2 hamsters, 2 gerbils and Coco.
  17. Dlilly Honored Member

    My adopted pets are the 3 cats, the 2 dogs, and the 3 goats. We also have 4 heritage turkeys, and 4 turkey chicks, and like 12 chickens, and about 12 chicken chicks. And, we can't forget my bunny!

    Our house is pretty small. 3 cats and 2 dogs is our limit. (Our cats are indoor cats) Of course, that excludes the foster beagle that is coming this Saturday!! :LOL:

    I hate petfinder. But, I love it too. I find myself going on there and falling in love with dogs. It stinks.
  18. mark_sheffield New Member

    Thats a great website, thanks
  19. Anneke Honored Member

    Great site!!

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