5-month-old Puppy Starved, Left To Die On Sidewalk

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Ina, Apr 10, 2011.

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    Shocking! Just so bad, why why don't these people just give them up to a shelter?

    I tell you though there are dogs living in homes that are just as badly treated. Yesterday a few neighbours and I saw a dog wandering around our close. It was skin and bones, claws were really long and curling back round to the pads, face and ears in tatters (like fly strike), front legs mostly bald, little lump under the base of it's tail. We all thought it was a stray - it was pretty social but not really bother by people - didn't wag it's tail or run off.
    Anyway sat outside with it for over an hour - we were waiting for the dog warden to come get it. This woman came over and stroked him, he didn't seem over interested, she picked it up and said "i'll take him over to my house", we were like "why? the wardens coming to get him"....she said "because he's my dog" we all stood there like :eek::mad:, one of people said "why does he look like that?!" She said "because he's 16 years old!" and stormed off.

    We were all flabergasted, he was a mess, if he's have had a collar on we could have taken him back - as it was he looked like he'd be running loose for months.
    it frightens me that there are dogs in people homes that are in that sort of state - make me cry.
  3. Ina Well-Known Member

    I just hope that there is a god up there who will make people pay for treating animals like that.
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    OMG that poor pup,R.I.P Snoop,have fun at the bridge,no more pain,just fun for you from now on babe,xxx

    (signed and passed onto another forum and twitter btw,hopefully that will add to the signatures needed ))fingers crossed!!(( )

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