$2000 elbow surgery times two legs equals....

Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by kristin, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. kristin New Member

    Wow... I better start fundraising and saving for Diesels surgerys like... now.
    It's hard being a dog owner and poor college student... :dogsad:

    Has anyone else had their dogs elbows replaced due to dysplasia (or anything really)?
    How did it turn out? And what should I expect??

  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Oh man, oh i'm so sorry. wow. I don't know about this, just wanted to offer my empathy. I wouldn't be able to afford that. That'd kill me. How old is your dog?
  3. kristin New Member

    She is only 1 1/2 years :dogsad:
    It's rediculous!
    My vet said "She has the joints of a 12 year old... not a 1 1/2 year old"
    Each one of the vets at my clinic were shocked at how bad condition her joints were in...

    Thank you for the post TigerLily :dogblush:
  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    NO WAY!! 1 and half years old!? No way, unnnbelievable. You musta been so shocked....how great you got other opinions from the other vets, as well. Poor Diesel!! Ey, have you tried glucosamine + chondroitin? This helped my (previous) old dog, Toby, A LOT. Way a lot. Won't cure it, but sure made my dog more limber and comfy.
  5. kristin New Member

    Yes, actually thats what i have been giving her and it does help alot. But im just thinking about how bad her points will be in like 5 years, considering how bad they are right now...
    But it does help alot for now. And i also give her Metacam (anti-inflamatory/ pain reliever) on her really bad days. She is still super happy and having fun.... i just don;t want to see her get to a really bad condidtion where she is miserable. ya know?

    And i was (still am) so shoked... i still dont even understand how such a young dog can be in such bad condition.
  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I don't either. Unnnbelievable. How heartbreaking. Possibley you could hope it won't get worse? I wonder if this is hereditary to Deisel, from his parents? Or wonder if it could some fluke toxic reaction to something he ate or some drug he was given and did not react well to...guess we'll never know..
    Could running or jumping way too much as a tiny puppy cause this? I always hear lil puppies shouldn't be allowed to run or jump way a lot on hard surfaces, but i am never sure why.

    Does the dog walk okay now, i mean, can you tell without Xrays that the elbows are off?
    Also, maybe get some water therapy going, as well? If you have access to a pool, a lake, or something, get the Diesel to swim? I hear that is supposed to be good.
  7. kristin New Member

    Yes you can tell that the elbows are off without Xrays.
    I want to get her into water therapy. thats what my vet said also. But there are no dog friendly pools where i live. Or lakes. The closest lake to me is like an hour... plus it has enormous animal eating cat fish. I dont really know why they are that big. but they are.
    Maybe i could by like an inflatable pool or somthing.

    Oh and i have been told that this is just hereditary. Since i adopted her from a pound, there was no way i could have known. :(
    Oh well. shes worth it. i love her. :)
  8. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Well, dawg bless you!!!! You are lucky to have such a lovable dog, and she is lucky to have you.

    We are lucky, even though our town is not big, we have a Planet Canine here, with a dog-therapy pool. We get people from other states coming here. A wading pool is an excellent idea, we just got one for Buddy to help with his fear of water. These "wading" pools are surprisingly BIG nowadays!!

    I'm sure you love her just the same!! I had a crippled dog once, (crippled by a groomer who tried to force him into an elevated, clawfoot tub, ripped the tendons in his leg, and i adored that dog...just loved him to bits...

    I've never ever taken a dog to a groomer ever again, not once.) and i would not have traded him for any other dog. I learned a lot living with that wonderful dog.
  9. vicky1989 New Member

    hi, I know exactly how u feel here, my dog Diego had a puxating patelle (his knee cap wudnt stay in place), he didnt walk on all 4's for a long time! Luckily though he was insured so it didnt cost me too much, the overall bill was about £850 for a 40min operation. i guess thats about $1600 in your money...
    Although it's fixed he does now have artheritus in it to a small degree. He was only 1 when he ad the operation, the poor sod!
    Hope it all works out for you!

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