2 dogs/ Yes, or No?

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  1. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Didn't really know where to put this...

    So, there is a little opportunity, that I can get a second dog, but I'm not completely sure, if this would be good for Pami. Like people say, our relationship will change a lot, and it would be a big braking for her.
    What do you think?
    Is it good for the first dog, if a new puppy arrives?
    (list some reasons please)

  2. CollieMan Experienced Member

    As you may recall, we tried introducing a second dog. For us, it just didn't work out, but I know many for whom it works just fine. (In fact, we took the second-dog GSD to another home with an existing dog and they are getting along great.) It might have been because they are two dogs, and when he was with us, it was a bitch and a dog, but who knows.

    In our case, the problem was that Ellie has spent too much time with us to herself and enjoys it that way. She was just not prepared to share us with another dog.

    I do think that it's ultimately a case of finding the right blend of dogs to go together.
  3. szecsuani Experienced Member

    It's a similar case with Pami. She is always with me, and doesn't really like to be with other dogs (at least she doesn't really "enjoy their company", she is walking around with them, and so., or she just feels better with people.
  4. w0lf New Member

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  5. stormi Well-Known Member

    I had a cavalier before my dogs I have now (well...she was sort of mine...I looked after her). We were very close and I knew that I would not be able to get another dog whilst I still had her as it wouldnt be fair on her.

    Storm is quite a 'bonded' dog too, and so I knew with her I would have to get a second dog whilst she was still quite young if there was any chance she would accept it. She was about 18 months when I got Breeze (they are 1 year apart in age). She did accept Breeze and they tolerate each other; they dont really play together or anything. I think if I had left it much longer Storm wouldnt have accepted another dog. I think it did help that she had seen me with my Mum's dogs, so was used to being with other dogs and me giving a different dog my attention.

    From your videos it looks like you and Pami are really close, so I think you are right to be thinking very carefully about whether another dog would be right for Pami. Good Luck!
  6. lane New Member

    Two Dogs

    I've always had at least two dogs and only had a problem once with a Labrador and a Jack Russell that just could not get on. The German Shepherds have all been great. I just bring the new puppy in without a fuss and get down on the floor to introduce it and they've just absorbed it into the group. I make sure they all get their fair share of attention and they've been fine. They've been just the same with the cats - one of them always acts as 'uncle'.
  7. yoyopoodle Well-Known Member

    If it were me, I'd just stick with one dog... unless there is a particular dog that you already have in mind that really needs a home like yours...

    Like others have pointed out, Pami is used to being your one and only and getting loads of training and attention. My first dog was like that too and I never would have gotten another except I had opportunities to participate in various dog activities that Max couldn't do (due to temperament and joint issues), so I decided to get Charlie was able to do those activities and I focused on other activities with Max.
    Max loved playing with the new dog, but our relationship changed... Charlie was so pushy and off-the-wall that I had to 'deal with him' while Max was so good and easy he just faded into the background unless I put Charlie in a crate to give Ma special attention :(

    Charlie is a very different type of dog and after Max passed away and he was an only dog for most of a year. He was never cuddly and didn't seek-out any attention from me... he prefers to be on his own, doing his own thing. So for him, it was really easy to add Harmony - now he seems to be saying 'About time you stopped trying to hug me - go get your puppy!'. And Harmony loves getting the attention.

    If you do get another dog, I think you'd have a better chance of Pami not feeling so 'replaced' if the other dog is an adult. If they are a puppy you will need to keep them right with you to prevent accidents, which may make both dogs feel like the puppy is the special one...

    Lots of things to think about ... :)
  8. leema New Member

    Mac went outside and sulked for a week when we got Clover. He didn't want her to go anywhere near her and, because she was near us, he didn't want to come near us too. I really wondered if I wanted to keep Clover if this would be our 'new Mac'.

    Mac slowly became more tolerant. I was very excited the first time they played together, and now that's almost all they do. They're great together. Mac has lost SO much weight and it's hard for me to keep it on, now, as they play so much. My OH half says he feels better leaving the dogs home alone together, than just Mac by himself.

    Mac has some aggression issues towards other dogs while on lead, but I didn't have a problem introducing a new puppy because I know the kind of dogs Mac doesn't like and how to create a scenario he would be happy in. I think a lot of people who would see Mac on the street would not think we could introduce another dog to our family. He acts really foul.
  9. sarhaspups New Member

    Lots of good advise here. Someone mentioned they would get an adult before a puppy to make Pami feel less 'replaced'. I am going to suggest a puppy before adult for the following reasons. One, a puppy will most likely come into the picture and be 'less' threating, they will usually accept their place in the pack easier. An adult dog that is more dominate or comes off to Pami as more dominate.. than you may have problems, unless Pami decides to submit to the new dog, dogs will usually work that out amoung themselves. Second, the puppy will adjust to your schedule and time so you can make sure that Pami isn't getting 'less' attention. You will have to balance your time to give them both attention but the puppy can be in an xpen while you work Pami. I would suggest keeping a puppy seperated from Pami (for 80% of the time) so that the puppy can bond with you and not MORE with Pami (does that make sense) I kept my puppy seperated from my other dogs (they did get play time for short periods daily) but I kept him in an xpen in the same room I was in but he wasn't able to play at free will with the other dogs, I spent one on one time with them all. Now he looks for me for the fun, not the other dogs. Exactly what I wanted.
    I'm getting off topic now but as you can see i have 4 dogs. They all get one on one with me , daily usually, and they are all very happy. Yes, they are dogs so they do have 'fights' once in awhile but when I say 'hey' they listen and it's all over. Bailey is my recent rescue who is 11 yo and he came into this house with no interuption to anything. Is that b/c of his age, not sure but it is possible to have multiple dogs and have a happy pack :) Just my two cents worth. Oh and do think about it, another dog means less personal time for you but if you are like me, my personal time is with my dogs and I don't want it any other way. :) Yes, I'm single and that could be why. ha.
  10. storm22 Experienced Member

    i agree with sarhaspups, in the fact of getting a pup not an adult dog, i was having your same questions when we were looking for a second dog, storm was five when we were looking so alot of thought process went into it

    do i get a pup or rehome an older dog?
    do i get a dog or bitch?
    how big will it grow?
    is it dominant in its herd or submissive? (looks at all pups you might like one but another might fit in your home better)
    will my dog feel out of place?
    can i give it back if it doesnt work out?

    storm doesnt like other males dogs (he's not agressive unless the other is first) so we were looking at a bitch more,
    does pami like any dog or does she not tolerate boys or girls more?

    can she deal with dogs coming and going in her house, i would always put luka or some friends dogs in his yard, kennel area to see how he behaved and how he coped with strange dogs being round

    but at the end of the day it all depends on your routine, can you still put in just as much time with pami when you get your new dog, it does take some juggling of your routine but im sure pami will tell you if somethings wrong and you would know if your not doing as much with her, storm showed me by getting bratty and not really listen to me so i put in more time and he loves playing with koda and he realises hes not getting less attention, and storm is alpha dog out of the two of them and that helps as if i got a strong headed dog i would of had more problems
  11. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Thanks everyone for the advices!

    These questions are exactly what I'm thinking about!
    I know, that I will get a bearded collie puppy for a second dog, thats for sure. And it will be a bitch.
    Pami is very close to me, we are together almost all day (except when I go to school).
    The biggest thing I fear, is that Pami will feel left out.

    Yoyopoodle, you're right! :D

    She has only been with me for a year now. But she came close to me after about 2 days... :)

    So, I'm still thinking about this second dog thing...:dogsmile:
    Thanks everyone again!
  12. w0lf New Member

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  13. bullysheful New Member

    I would say you should try it out if you have the oportunity.To see their reactions and the way things go around the house.I'd think there are going to be some negative aspects , maybe even some fights but hopefully they will get along at some point.
  14. szecsuani Experienced Member

    I decided that I won't get a second dog YET, since I have so many thing to do with Pami.
    Maybe after I finished school... :D
  15. liowkc New Member

    Water is one of the most effective and harmless way of separating two fighting dogs. If outdoors, squirt them with a hose. If indoors, use a squirt bottle or grab a plastic container with water and douse them.

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