(2) Do You Allow Your Dog to....


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Some love it, some hate it, some have no choice. 'Doggy-kisses', or 'getting slobbered on' as many prefer to call it. Do you allow your dog to lick your face?

I'm in the "Yes" camp. I've always allowed it and never come to any harm. Further, I think, particularly in the younger months, it helps the dog to form a bond with you.

Jean Cote

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Votes yes, my collie was named kizzy (for kisses) at the breeder because she gave kisses to everybody. :)


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Of course! My mom hates it, but I would never scold Pami for licking me on the face.
P.S.: I never had plastic surgerys, and I never want any:LOL:


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:DThose people who hate it are so annoying! I had a friend say "Hi" to Tank the other day. She was being all "awwdacuteywooty" to him, then yanked her hand away like he was rabid. Even though he never bites, I asked her if that's what he did. "No! He was licking me! That is SO gross!"

Uh... That's how they show affection. :msnrolleyes: What's funny is that she's in my Vet class, so you figured she'd like that sort of thing. A surprising number of people don't in there. A dog's mouth is cleaner than a humans, so unless he's just finished raiding the litter box, I don't mind it one bit. :msnohyes:

Another friend watched as I crouched down and had a makeout session with a dog in the lecture room. He was disgusted and said, "I can't believe you let it do that." (Using "It" for an animal you know the gender of is a pet peeve of mine.) I told him to just turn around, that our relationship was to the "Public Display of Affection" level. :ROFLMAO:

Oh well. Some people are just weird... Also, the ones that don't like dogs Frenching them are odd. :D

Just for the heck of it... *makes out with Tankeh*