1 to 3 ratio Liver Treats(or How i trick Buddy into eating veggies)

Discussion in 'Dog Treats' started by tigerlily46514, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Put the ingredients into lil food processor, or even a real fast beater, to whip into a puree, all 3 items, transfer this nasty looking slop into mixing bowl.
    Slightly whip the egg, and throw that in. Add garlic if you want.
    Now ADD OATS to thicken it up, to consistancy of cookie dough.
    I made lil cookies out of first half of it, but ended up breaking those up after they were cooked for training-treat size.
    the other half, i spread onto the other cookie sheet, and just baked it til firm, and broke it up into crumbles.
    BAKE FOR A LONG TIME, i didn't time it, i am guessing it was about 45 minutes...til dough is firm.

    Store in fridge, rewarm in microwave briefly before serving.

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