Read Me! Reintroducing!


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Hi all, this is a long shot!

I have not been on this forum in years I bet. But I now follow Sara Carson on Facebook, and it made me think of the days when she posted here, and I've been thinking about the other members who used to post here a lot.

I sort of remember a mix of people names, dog names, and user names, and there are others whose pictures I remember so vividly, yet can't place a bear with me, but I wanted to list some that I remember just in case there is a way to get back in touch... So I remember Carmel and Shivon (who were pups of two different people, but adorable together), Tigerlilly, Mary (I am not remembering her user name or her pups name, but the last I remembered she had a newer addition who I believe loved soccer), Running Dog, Southern Girl, there was another Sara who had several dogs and one of them I think was named Mouse (?). I know I'm missing so many.... I'm willing my brain to remember, and for now I think that's all I've got. Anyway, I would love to hear how everyone from back then is doing! I sure miss reading through this forum back then.


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Hi there :-)

Happened to notice your post when I was looking for an old message I remembered.

I miss those times too, and all those people. We did try to keep the forum going but there weren't enough of us left, we must have all gone separate ways in the end.

Zac's 13 and feeling older now but still generally doing okay.


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Good to hear from you!

Hopefully everyone is doing well. I'll keep checking back from time to time to see if anyone else happens to see this thread.

There really were some fun people and pups here, and lots of great discussion.