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Lol, I don't recall saying anything against raw... :doghappy: The only thing negative I've ever heard about it is that in rare circumstances the person feeding can get poisoning from handling so much raw food. Someone told me that a while back but I don't recall reading anything about it. I feed a combination of raw/homemade/kibble for other reasons, not because I do not like strictly raw diets. ^^


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I too prefer raw and the side effects are indeed cleaner teeth and smaller mostly no smell poop. What I worry about is all the raw diet sold that intimates it is all that is needed when there is no calcium/phos source etc. Just go in educated. If you have a nearby mentor all the better.


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Here is what i feed my dog now. Is not the top be$t dog food, but he is thriving nicely.

I vary the kibble, but usually i buy "Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's soul" brand kibble. Is good dog food, for reasonable price. If a 6 star brand is on sale, i might get a small bag of this or that on sale. But ya know, the 6-star brands often go vegetable on the 2nd and 3rd ingredient, and Chick Soup lists top FOUR ingredients as meat. Can't find any other brand that has that....(yet anyway!!)

I strive to get him variety as best as i can. but Chick soup has No corn, no poisonous preservatives, is decent kibble, and not wildly expensive.

Over the top of this, i sprinkle whatever fish/ meat/ poultry we have on hand. It's usually 1/3 homemade, 2/3 kibble.....I kinda reduce down the amt of kibble /depending on how much of our meat he is getting on the top.

Or, if we are not eating much meat that week, i swap out the homemade meat portion for some canned dog food.

Now and then, like every other week or so, I buy canned dog foods, top brands, all kinds and flavors, (I can afford one can of the top brand dog foods, it's not too costly, makes nice variety for buddy.)
Then i put a bit of that canned dog food over the kibble, i can make One can last for a few days that way!!!

This way, Buddy gets variety of types of food.:dogbiggrin:

I am fairly fussy about his treats, i make almost all of them myself and i keep them very tiny, (see my recipes) but i do buy store made treats for outings when my homemade -preservative-free treats would be nusiance.

IT IS REALLY HARD TO FIND GOOD, TRULY NUTRITIOUS, STORE-MADE DOG TREATS!! They are all full of flour, corn, sugar!! salt, etc etc.

Anyway, as time goes by, maybe i will advance along to try raw diet, but for now, this is what i am doing.

So i just posted this, cuz i often see people asking around "What do you feed your dog?" For now, this is what we are doing for now.

ANYBODY KNOW OF ANY GOOD BRAND OF STORE MADE DOG TREATS? My homemade dog treats don't store well at room temp if we are on long outing....If i start out with them frozen is okay, but still, i am going blind trying to read all the labels to find some treat that is nutritious...


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Has anyone here heard of Joy dog food? We will pick up our new pup this weekend and asked the breeder what food the pups were eating. She told us "Joy dog food, but it's pretty hard to find." I was wondering if anyone has even seen it before? What about the nutrition value for a Great Pyr? Thanks to all!!

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