About Jean Cote

about_jean_coteHello, I’m Jean Cote and, like you I love dogs – big ones, little ones, furry ones and sleek ones. There’s one thing all dog breeds and mixed breeds have in common: they want to love and be loved. No matter how ornery or stubborn your dog might seem – and believe me, I’ve met my share of stubborn dogs – the overriding desire for reciprocated love is present in each one of them. As caring dog owners, we just need to bring that out and use it for beneficial purposes.

The Dog Trick Academy is the culmination of my lifelong learning experiences with my own dogs, as well as all the training I’ve been through, books I’ve read, seminars I’ve attended and research I’ve done over the years. From my first childhood pets to my two current housemates: Onyx, a curious Siberian husky, and Chase, my ever-happy border collie.

My real learning, from an objective and much wiser perspective, began the day I first brought Onyx home. I was determined to give Onyx the best life possible, to teach her the joys of playing with other dogs and with me, as well as supplying standard obedience training.

Onyx and I spent the next two years attending puppy- then dog-training classes on a weekly basis and training all 730 days of those two years. Onyx loved learning and relished in showing off her newfound skills. It might sound silly, but she actually looked forward to going to school and the time we spent doing ‘homework.’

Upon her earning the equivalent of a dog’s PhD, I turned to teaching Onyx tricks as a way to keep her happy and mentally stimulated. Tricks offered limitless opportunities to train new behaviors. Whether it was jumping into my arms, playing chess, or simply untying my shoes or putting away her toys, each presented a challenge that Onyx was glad to take on. During the winter we would even go skijoring – the fancy term for when the dog pulls the person on skis – after all, Onyx is a Siberian husky!

When Chase joined the household, the routine began again – but this time almost entirely without formal classes. Onyx played teacher or student as the task at hand demanded, and Chase was the ever-eager pupil. I admit that Chase to this day still tries to teach Onyx to herd whatever is in the yard, including Onyx herself …

What began as my own personal quest turned into a social networking venue for dog owners to share ideas, information and help one another out – and then into a business. My hope and intent is to help dog owners around the world have a better relationship with their pets. To achieve that, I teach you how to teach your dog to do tricks (and learn proper behavior), as that fosters and develops the very special relationship between dog and owner that matters so much to both of you.

Tricks are fun to teach, to learn and to perform… and I believe it is the fun stuff that helps form good behavior patterns in your pet and motivates you to train your dog. In the process, you’ll learn to understand what your pet is really telling you – what all those various behaviors and eye flicks really mean – and to act accordingly. To paraphrase a few quotes… “With understanding comes great wisdom.”

To Your K9 Success,

Jean Cote
President, Dog Trick Academy


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