Where's Your Nose??? Trick


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I'm new to this forum and have an intro thread in the intro section.

Anyways... I have two dogs I currently own and train. Here's a trick I've been working on with my pup. She's about 10 months old now. Don't mind my voice in the video... it annoys me. lol

This trick will be separate from the "shame on you" trick I'm planning to teach her. The shame on you trick her paw will be over the top of her nose and will be held for a longer duration. I thought having her paw at her nose would be cute though, hence the "Where's your nose?" trick.

Here's how I taught it:

I tried sticking a piece of tape on her nose but she didn't seem to even care so I tried another method. I blew lightly on her nose, just light enough to make her nose tickle a little bit. She raise her paw and I clicked. After numerous repetitions of this she started offering her paw near her face without me having to blow at all.

After we reached that point I started only clicking for paw/nose contact. Once she got the hang of that I introduced both my verbal cue and my hand signal. The verbal cue is "Where's your nose?" and my hand signal is swiping my right pointer finger down the right side of my nose.

Let me know what you think.



Looking good! Very cute. Is she better with the voice command, hand signal, or both at the same time? How does she do with just the hand signal?

Looking good! :D


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yuppers... it's skittledoo. :)

She actually does really well with just the hand signal as well, though we're working on proofing that. I would say at this point she is better with the verbal cue even though I introduced the hand signal before the verbal cue.


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Nice! good job. I taught Mahoney that...I used the post it notes and it worked. I tap my nose and he does it....well 60% of the time:confused:


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My deaf dogs, Scout and Boo both do this trick... it's ADORABLE! Boo is especially cute, 'cuz he's a Dachshund and has to put his shoulder and head on the ground then twist around in order to get his paw over his nose LOL... I'm not sure how I taught him that one, he just kinda popped up with it in a free shaping session! I used the tape with Scout, I put 2 fingers on my nose for their sign