What Happened Yesterday ..


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I had a disasterous day yesterday at the intro to working trials .. the test was ridiculous for a 5 month old puppy. We were told no use of food either ..

Heelwork off lead in and unfenced field with horses outside in a neighbouring field. Oh and around 20 dogs off leash doing their advanced work.

A retrieve (I wasnt even told to bring a toy with me)

A 3 minute sit stay with your back to the dog

and lots of other stuff I cant even remember.

I told the instructor I didnt want to do it but he insisted Dude had a go, so I unclipped the leash and said confidently 'Dude, Close' but I may as well have said run riot cos he charged straight over to the dogs in the advanced class and caused havoc. There was mud and turf flying everywhere as he charged around amongst all the Rotties, GSD's Dobermanns and Collies. All the spectators were splattered with mud and cow poo too .. When I managed to get him back (no he didnt come, I had to charge across the field and get him) I looked the examiner straight in the eye and said 'Well what do you reckon .. have I passed?' Everyone collapsed with laughter. :msngiggle: Dude looked up at me like a naughty schoolboy with his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth and I knew then, even if he never makes a working trials dog it doesnt matter cos he is everything I want. Silly pup that he is! :dogtongue2:

Incidently, the instructor did say he loved the way he got his nose down and began to track so happily and that he thinks when I have some kind of 'control' he could make a wonderful WT dog so maybe there is hope for us yet .. Now .. where did I put that long line? Lol! :dogwink:


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OMG how funny (sorry but your sense of humor about it made me giggle ) and embarassing. I totally identify with the zooming dog horror. We used to have to yell LOOSE DOG whenever our dogs zoomed off in agility so the entire field would stop and stare and wait while I wrangled my joyous happy dog back into a semblance of control. Sorry you had to live through that.

Dude sounds just way to cute to every really lose patience with him. Don't be afraid to tell the instructor no either. I do with things that are scary or when I know my dog is too distracted or having an off night to even remotely concentrate.

Welcome to owning a dog, take your dignity and throw it out the door. :dogbiggrin: My puppy pulled me down on my butt in the snow while the school bus was unloading. So ALL my neighbors got to see me on my but fighting of a cold wet ice encrusted licking frenzy and trying not to laugh or get a tongue in my mouth.


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Lol!! I don't mind you laughing Snooks it brings the whole 'Runaway Mutt' episode into perspective. This is why I love my dog, he brings me down to earth and stops me getting too complacent. :doglaugh:

I had a brilliant time even though we didn't pass the test .. wading through 12 inches of cow poo and pee was a great way to spend Sunday morning lol! Yes, its true. I am not joking .. we have had floods here in England and walking between two cattle pens full of cows doing their number ones and twos was an experience to remember. When I got home and looked in the mirror my whole face was poo splattered and up to my knees was nothing more than a wet and smelly mess. After I had bathed Dude and showered we just cuddled up for the rest of the day in the warm, reflecting on the day's adventure. At least I had a laugh unlike all the other entrants who did nothing but moan and complain cos their dog didnt go through. One lady was even draughting a letter of complaint at the side of the field. Telling me the instructor was so rude we ought to all write in to the club.

At the end of the day as long as a good day was had by all what is the point of sour grapes? I have already booked and paid for another intro day in April. The next time I am taking a camcorder to record the day's events, even if we dont get through it will be great entertainment for you lot, wont it lol!

On a brighter note I went to obedience and Dude didnt put a paw wrong. Next time I go to classes I am going to try to train him without the gun lodged against at his temple lol :doglaugh:


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lol Too funny!

We should start a Knucklehead puppy club. :)

I started obedience classes on Saturday with a woman who told me that I was going to have to get Bodi out more, that he has "GOT TO HAVE EXPOSURE!" It was a definite reprimand, even though I had already said that I had only had the pup for a week. Let's see... In the week that I've had him he has:

Traveled from Chicago to OKC
Stayed in a motel (twice)
Assimilated into a new home with an existing dog
Socialized with a toddler and an 8-year-old
Been to PetSmart
Gone to work with me (twice) and met 2 people there
Been to the park for obedience classes

Yeah... He's got to get out a little more.

Jean Cote

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A good spot for puppies is shopping malls or grocery stores. Stand right by the entrance/exit and TONS of people will go "Ahh how cute" and will want to pet the puppy. This is very good for socialization (and training). :)

P.S. It doesn't work as well with grown dogs for obvious reasons. :)


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We should start a Knucklehead puppy club. :)

Okay lets start a new thread and then we will see how many knucklehead puppies there are out there lol

Between us we have a pair, dont we lol xx


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lol soo funny, i had that kind of thing at puppy school too, but my trainer told me to just try it and see what happens (with a smile under his hat) he didnt expect quite what we got though

i clip koda off her chain and she kinda looked at me as if to say "you know what im gunna do why are you letting me off?"

but i asked her to stay and i walked away about 5metres, she did stay, to my shock (we were all thinking she'd wander after me), after a wait i called koda come and she got up and started running at me, then next she turned on a dime and ran for the other dogs that were still sitting there, and she knew to go to the pup that gets frightened by boisterious puppies so he got up and ran away too, that got some more puppies up and running, so we all lost our pups (about 20 of them) just happily running through the feild and eating or rolling in sheep poop

my trainer had to say sorry to some distraught owners of white toy poodles that now looked like the hulk while me and some others were trying to stifle laughter, and i have found some new friends in the group that are glad there dogs arent the only ones to have bad days, (kodas usually quite good at school, but i could just tell something was off with her that day), so could my trainer but he thought we could try it none the less

i def agree with throwing out your diginty when owning a dog, storm tripped my mum up the other day infront of the neighbours and there guests, i thought it was funny when she told me, as storm does have that habit of sticking out his front foot and tripping you up, she just took it in her stride as they all rushed to help her up storm stopped them by barking at them, (he was ain a humourious mood the other day) constantly playing tricks and koda and us,

whoever says dogs dont have sense of humors never had a great dog that takes life with a grain of humor


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OMG this post made me laugh so much .. I can almost see the poo - dles :msngiggle: now.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us all Storm


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storm22;14917 said:
whoever says dogs dont have sense of humors never had a great dog that takes life with a grain of humor

I love it when my dogs laugh :)


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thats ok i have plenty of funny stories (had alot of dogs in my life), we've had some funny dogs, and great dogs with senses of humor but i think storm has had the best sense of humor so far (he takes alot after me in teasing people)


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Geez, you all had me cracking up with your stories I could visulize each scene so clearly. Jenna and I would have to join the knucklehead ranks together.
First trial I put her in she took off to the next ring as that dog was getting to retrieve a dumbbell and she was only getting to heel with a dumbbell (Me). Finely got hold of her and left the ring in tears although the person who's dog we stuffed up was very nice about it. Can't blame it all on Jenna though, I get very stressed and nervous when in a ring in front of people and Jenna picks up very quickly on how I'm feeling and goes abit loony tune. All training goes out the window and she starts to reflect my stress and looses the plot. I finely gave up as it wasn't being fun for us, but have since found someone to run her in Agility for me. She works like a dream and has fun with a calm relaxed person. I still do most of the training which is the part I enjoy, but I'm not holding Jenna back from being the best she can be. A bonus is that I get to enjoy watching her run the coarse and admire her progress and speed. I wish I could handle those stressful moments more like you guys do as I would love to be able to do obedience and canine freestyle with Jenna.Though I'm quite happy not to have to run or remember an agility course with my little speedy hound.


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Hahaha.. I just stumbled on this thread (at work) and my co-workers think I'm a looney case right now because I've been trying to stifle my giggles unsuccessfully. :)

Cassidy has never been at a group lesson or competition, and is actually quite good even at the dog park, recalling just to her name. I can see that I have much to look forward to if and when I put her in some of these circumstances.... lol.

Thanks for sharing the laughs! :msngiggle:


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you guys will probably laugh at this one aswell,

we were at dog training last night, and a trainer couldnt make it so my trainer once again stepped into help the begginers, i dont mind its great for koda to re-learn to listen in a group session (something we do have to work on)
anywhoo, terry (my trainer) asked me if i would come out and show the begginers some stuff that eventually they will learn and be able to do with there dog

the sit, down, stay (2minutes) all went fine (with people admiring how well we both were going THEN
we did a re-call all was going fine i put koda in a down wait, and walked about 20metres away from her (something we have been practicing alot of is distance), waited for almost 1minute (terry told me to call my dog) and i did she was running full bore at me then alittle gust of wind crept up and she re-directed her her course onto what ever the smell was and i tried and tried to call her back but to no avail whatever that smell was she was finding it, you could see her ears flicker at my voice and her hesitating to go on further but the smell was too great.

i did get her back my mum was in the car and she tooted the horn (one thing that does get kodas attention is the car horn) and she came running back to me, must of remebered we were doing a re-call and came up to me bashed into my legs and sat ever so angelically asking for her treat (which i did give as she did run up to me even thoug her playmate from down the road was blocking her view of me)

but the terry said you can have those moments folks, even when things are going great your dogs do have a brain of there own lol