Today's Walk


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it was such a glorious day, i had to take dandy out. in front of the post office, we encountered a charming young man who clearly had challenges. he hummed a lot, spoke in a singsong, and his left hand was cramped up. on his head, he wore a popped-up bright blue toque held down with black-tinted ski goggles. reminded of the guy in haliburton, i thought "oh, dear...."

but dandy was AMAZING!!!!!! he not only did not bark or jump up, but he was *so* soft and gentle with the guy even when his arm spasmed and hit dandy on the back - the guy jumped back and was so apologetic, near tears, but dandy just shuffled up to him and leaned against him while looking up at him with big, soft eyes.

i was beaming ear to ear after that one, i can tell you!

at canadian tire, it was a mixed "yay" - yay for dandy, boo for the miserable git: i was talking to the guy in the paint dept about our dogs. he has an aussie shepherd that he thought was unredeemable but having seen dandy's progress, he's giving it another try. so he was telling me about his dog's progress and all of a sudden, dandy lay down, his nose on his paws. it wasn't "peekaboo" but close to it. we looked down at him and ivan said "what's that all about?"

"i have no idea...." i said. we noticed dandy was tracking, so we followed his gaze to a blonde woman. "i dunno," i said, it looks like that thing we've been working on - maybe she's afraid of dogs," and we shrugged.

suddenly, she whips around, flings her hands out and said rudely "YES, i am afraid of dogs, THANK YOU" and stormed into mark's work wearhouse.

we looked at each other like, "hunh?" and he muttered sotto voce "well, excuuuuuuuuse us!" - but dandy didn't move until she was out of sight and then he sat up nicely for his treat.