So All The People Helping With My Book: Planning Stages (here Is Where You Help)


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Ok guys!

we have to come up with a BIG list of tricks for our book ;)

You have a week here without me as i'm going on grade 7 camp for the week :)
Hope that we get a big list...then when i come back i'll sort them into catagories and assign tricks to you all

Good luck :ROFLMAO:


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i think "bang" (play dead) is such a useful trick, can be used to clean their feet when they come indoors. I use that trick every time it's wet outside.

i'd guess "bang" would be in either easy or intermediate level.(?)
not sure it could be as easily captured/demonstrated in still photos,
but, it's such a USEFUL trick.

"Smile" is useful and easy "capturing" trick, too. Just is so cute. I sometimes wonder if when Buddy smiles, it helps him feel the way he now looks....rewarding his smile did seem to increase the amt of time he spends smiling, so is good trick for serious natured or fearful dogs.


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Push a ball

Head down
Blow bubbles
Place(like they use in movies to get an animal to go to a spot)