pushing a ball with nose


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I am having trouble teaching my dog to push a ball to me with her nose. She only pushs the ball for a certain amount of time and then looks to me for a treat. I have tried the shaping.
I have the same problem on her skateboard as she will only go so far before quitting.
She loves tricks and gets soooo excited and doing them that afterawhile she will offer anything she thinks will get her a treat.
any suggestions would be great. Debby and Belle


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For the ball push, I always start with just putting a treat under the ball far enough that she pushes it to get it. Do this repeatedly, clicking and treating when she pushes. Eventually just wait for her to offer the behavior, click and treat. Only when she will consistently push it for even a quarter of an inch should you ask for more. If you immediately start asking for more of a push, she'll give up because what she was initially doing isn't getting her anywhere. You have to ask for tiny increments, rather than pushing a quarter of an inch and then pushing two foot. If you're wanting quite a long push, then it will take many small increments to get her there. Never ask for more unless she is doing a small distance wonderfully. If you ask for too much when she's just catching on to the beginning steps, you'll lose her entirely. If she pushes the ball and then looks up at you for a treat, just wait. You might also try putting the ball further away from you to begin with, and if she pushes a little and stops, just wait her out. She'll push some more. Eventually she'll understand that she has to keep pushing until she gets to you.

Same with the skateboard. Little bits of distance at a time. Just take it slow and easy and don't ask too much from her. :) Good luck!