Plain Ice Cubes...good Idea?


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No, they are not bad for there teeth dog kibble and bones are just as hard maybe harder than ice, dogs teeth are strong. My dog Missy loves ice and she eats them all the time. Tigerlily also gives her dog ice cubes, she even taught him this cool trick were he touches a piece of paper that say ICE or something like that and she give him ice for touching it.


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George, my dog LOVES ice, too.:D I've heard "some ppl say" eating ice helps a dogs who ARE prone to bloat--- develop bloat. I do not know if this is true or not.

Many ppl say having dogs run when they are full (full of food, ice, or water) can contribute to bloat. Big deep chested dogs and some breeds are more prone to bloat. I *think* your great dane is a breed that is considered more at risk for bloat than some breeds are.

Evne though i don't think my dog's breed is prone to bloat, I generally do not run my dog if he has just eaten, or just eaten ice or drank water. No problems, he eats ice, and he rests around for at least half hour or more. no problems.

but his teeth? nah, my dog is pushing five years old, (at least, he could be twice that age, who knows)
and he's probably eaten ice every day of his life, and he still has white teeth (which he should be showing some yellow by now). HOwever, i think his teeth are so so white, cuz he gnaws toys every day. acting like he is getting fleas off of toys.:rolleyes:


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Holly loves ice, she chases it around and eats it. When it snowed a little bit the other day she kept going out and eating the snow.
If I give her multiple ice cubes it is extremely funny because she doesn't know which one to eat first so has to rotate around them :LOL: .
Although I do hate the sound of her teeth on the ice.

Also, you can use them in kongs.
The other day I forgot to make Holly's evening kong (she always has some edible chew in the evening to keep her busy and I try not to give her the same thing on consecutive days) so by the time I made it there wasn't time to freeze it (I always freeze Holly's kong or it's too easy for her).

So after I added the peanut butter seal at the top there was enough space to shove an ice cube into the peanut butter. Holly has a medium sized kong so there wasn't much space around the sides of the ice cube and the peanut butter held it in even more so that she had to either eat or melt the ice cube before she could get to the rest of the kong. It worked well and made the kong last longer than it would have completely un-fozen.


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I had a dog as a kid growing up that preferred Ice Cubes to Milk Bones... she probably had 4 or 5 every day her whole life. her teeth were healthy and unbroken at 14.5 years old when she died. So no, they're a perfectly fine (and very cheap!) dog treat LOL