Newbees for sure


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We are just learning how to roam in side this site. Cool place with lots of info.
We have been working on tricks for a lot of years but where we live there aint a lot of folks that can give you a hand. I started doing dog stuff way to many years ago. I got introduced to dogs by my Dad who raised and trained bird dog. We always had dogs in the house or out side We always had some one coming and going with Dogs.

So be gentle with us as we are new and very timid.

bill and star


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Well don't be timid you and Star are among dog loving friends here. If you like tricks check out the old and current challenges. Other people give me the best ideas when I find myself out of imagination I find loads of ideas here. What tricks does Star know or is he/she? currently learning??

Welcome to you both. :dogwink: